Tether a Wacom Cintiq Companion with an AeroTab

Nov 3, 2014 | 4 Comments

This post was written by Weston Maggio, photographer, Sr. Evangelist of Creative Products for Wacom Technology Services Corporation. At the heart of the AeroTab’s simple, yet effective design is Tether Tool’s versatile bracket system…which makes it possible to mount it to just about anything!– Weston Maggio With the launch of the Wacom Cintiq Companion, I was totally…

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Secure Your iPad When Tethering Wirelessly

Sep 4, 2014 | 2 Comments

Wireless tethering opens the door to a new on-shoot experience for clients. With wireless tethering solutions like Case Air, Eye-Fi, Capture Pilot (to just name a few) the client viewing experience is forever changed. Transferring images to iPads and tablets also provides an opportunity for clients to watch the images appear on an iOS or…

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Using the Aero Table for Sports Motion Analysis

Aug 28, 2014

In the sports industry using motion analysis software so athletes, coaches and trainers can have immediate video feedback is crucial to the training process. Seeing the mechanics in real time, not back in the locker room after practice but right then and there on the field, court or track helps an athlete and coach work…

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Keep Your iPad at Your Side While You Tether

Jul 24, 2014

Whether you are tethering with cables or wirelessly, using software like Case Air or Capture Pilot that displays your images on an iPad as you shoot,  creates a certain convenience that is undeniably, well, convenient! But the question arises,  how to mount or attach your iPad to a lightstand, tripod or even to your side? You…

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9 Ways to Use Connect, Connect Lite & the Wallee System

Jul 3, 2014 | 3 Comments

When you combine Tether Tools’ Connect or Connect Lite brackets with the Wallee iPad Case , and some Rock Solid Arms and Clamps,  the possibilities for mounting and using your Apple iPad are seemingly endless. Connect Transferring Images During a ShootThe Connect Bracket offers four mounting options to attach to tripods, light stands, arms, clamps…

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Secure an iPad for Musicians of All Types

Jun 2, 2014

Drummers. Singers. Bass Players. Musicians of all types can easily integrate new technology, apps and tools into music more easily than ever before. Whether using sheet music apps, practicing along with an online video tutorial or simply keeping a set list handy during a performance, the most important element to using an iPad in your…

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Tether Your iPad for a Teleprompter Setup

May 14, 2014 | 3 Comments

Integrate your iPad into your workflow by tethering it to your video rig or above your camera for the perfect teleprompter setup. Connect Adapter for 15mm Rails By combining the Connect Adapter, Wallee iPad Case and Connect Bracket, you can achieve this iPad teleprompter setup. Look Lock® for Smartphones If recording video with a DSLR…

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Find your iPad model

Apr 21, 2014

Not sure which iPad you have or looking to find the specific model number? Apple has a quick way to identify the iPad model you have. You begin by identifying the features of the iPad such as: where the buttons & connectors are located size & display type year introduced model number capacity To access…

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B&H Photo’s Best iPad Stands

Dec 17, 2013 | One Comment

We loved Kate Kliner’s post on B&H Photo’s InDepth blog about iPad Stands for Entertainment, Travel, Shopping, and More. It’s true what she says – the iPad has become a part of everyday life. We use it in our photography workflow, to watch our favorite movies, even as an on-the-go grocery list. The best thing…

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Pro Wireless Tethering Kit

Nov 14, 2013

Want to set up for wireless tethering but not sure what you need? No problem! Tether Tools has assembled the perfect package for anyone interested in shooting wireless. Get the professional setup: CamRanger system, a DSLR mount for the device, a Power Bank battery pack, iPad/Tablet Case of your choice + the most versatile mount for…

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Take a Sec, Learn a Spec – TabStrap

Sep 12, 2013

The TabStrap features a combination of products that allow you to work hands-free with any iPad or Tablet along your side. With the iPad or tablet positioned in a Wallee Case (sold separately) and using the included streamlined “Hitch” D-Ring attachment, the Wallee Connect Lite allows the iPad or tablet to lay flat for a comfortable…

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