Photographer Spotlight: Giancarlo Pawelec

May 5, 2020

Toronto-based photographer Giancarlo Pawelec has always been involved in the arts – from oil painting, to graffiti during the “rebellious teenage years”, and finally photography. His self-taught career spans nearly two decades, having started with automotive editorials before moving into portrait (fashion/beauty) and commercial work. What are 5 words you would use to describe the…

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Rediscovering Tethering

May 1, 2020 | One Comment

For most of my career as a photographer, tethering wasn’t an option, or even a practical part of my workflow. Most of my background is as a photojournalist: always on the move, always on a deadline, and always shorthanded for help. I started right at the dawn of the digital age, in that odd timeframe…

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How I Got the Shot: Tommy Reynolds

Apr 30, 2020

Tommy Reynolds is a UK-based travel and portrait photographer. Follow his Instagram at @tommyreynolds89 or visit his website. What was the concept of the shoot? What setup and lighting did you use to get the shot? Can someone take my portrait from across the Internet while adhering to social distancing? A question Steven Butler-Mattin (featured…

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Does Your Photography Brand Do Its Part To Build Your Business?

Apr 24, 2020

Have you ever wondered what the most memorable impression you leave in your customers’ minds? Once a photo assignment or commission is complete? That’s your brand. Whether it is on a personal level or a more structured business environment, a brand, like a person, can be viewed as dependable or undependable; principled or opportunistic; caring or capricious. That indelible impression you…

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Getting Started with Simple Product Photography

Apr 23, 2020

Product photography can be some of the simplest or most complicated images you can make.   Depending on the item and what the image is for, a simple white tent and a single light are all that’s needed; while other shots can demand every piece of gear and out of the box idea you can throw at it.   Let’s…

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Getting Creative on the Front Lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Apr 22, 2020

The impact of the Cornovirus on the world is unprecedented. It’s brought parts of our global community, like our photography industry, to a near halt. At the same time, it’s overwhelmed our healthcare system, our grocery stores and many parts of the world’s supply chain. We’re all finding ourselves navigating uncertainty and adapting to an…

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Let Tethering Help Perfect Your Lighting

Apr 21, 2020

Article previously featured in The Photographer Academy. During a photoshoot, multiple activities are occurring simultaneously – models on set, assistants moving lights, props and gear, and you, the photographer, at the center of “creative chaos.” One of the most important strategies is to streamline your workflow through tethering. By doing so, you will bring efficiency…

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How I Got the Shot: Renee Robyn

Apr 20, 2020

Canadian born and raised, Renee Robyn is a commercial photographer who has worked with industry leading brands like Adobe, Wacom, Corel, Capture One, and Intel. Follow her on Instagram @reneerobynphotography or visit her personal website. Lanna reached out to me, wanting portraits of herself, but not the typical kind. She’s tall – almost 6 feet,…

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Photographer Spotlight: Shavonne Wong

Apr 16, 2020

Singapore-based Shavonne Wong is an award-winning fashion photographer with 8 years of experience under her belt. Having started out as a self-taught photographer armed only with passion, a diploma in IT and a dash of stubbornness, Shavonne started her photography career from scratch to what it is today. She shoots to tell a story, to…

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How I Got the Shot: Lauren Caris Short

Apr 13, 2020

Lauren Caris Short is a British food photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland. She’s worked with brands and clients all over the world, and has had work featured in magazines globally. Lauren is also a food photographer educator and teaches food photography through her website and YouTube channel. She’s taught thousands of students through her food…

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