Keep Scheduled Shoots on Track with These Remote Workflow Tips

Mar 25, 2020

If your current circumstances don’t allow you to be in the same location with your client for a photo shoot, you can still meet the needs of your clients remotely by shooting and sharing images – and collaborating from afar.   Here’s what you’ll need to set up a virtual – yet still very connected – tethered photo shoot using one of the following solutions: DropBox, Video Conferencing or networking with Capture Pilot.  Using DropBox, you’ll need:  Camera  Computer …

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Friends of Tether Tools Holiday Deal Guide 2017

Nov 21, 2017

Tether Tools has scoured the internet, emailed, and called some of the most trusted brands in photography to bring you a few holiday offers that should not be missed. Fundy Software Our friends at Fundy are offering their best deal of the year! Save $100 on your purchase or upgrade today. Save now:   Peak Design…

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Get to Know: Aero ProPad

Dec 15, 2015

If you’re shooting tethered chances are you’re putting some fragile (and expensive) gear on your Tether Table. MacBooks, camera lenses, and your cell phone aren’t exactly cheap. Take care of your gear and help prevent accidental scratches and slipping with the Aero ProPad for the Tether Table Aero system.  The Aero ProPad is the peanut…

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