How I Got the Shot: Tommy Reynolds

Apr 30, 2020

Tommy Reynolds is a UK-based travel and portrait photographer. Follow his Instagram at @tommyreynolds89 or visit his website. What was the concept of the shoot? What setup and lighting did you use to get the shot? Can someone take my portrait from across the Internet while adhering to social distancing? A question Steven Butler-Mattin (featured…

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Wireless Tethering in the Digital Age

Apr 27, 2020

Previously featured in The Photographer Academy Given the technological advancements of the last several years, there has never been a more exciting time to be a photographer. With the focus of product development shifting from Digital SLR to Mirrorless cameras taking hold, the speed of the transition is groundbreaking. Mirrorless cameras offer several advantages over…

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Mounting the Air Direct Wireless Tethering System

Apr 15, 2020

The Air Direct Wireless Tethering system is our latest in wireless tethering workflow solutions. A question we’ve been getting is: What is the best way to mount the Air Direct to my camera? The Air Direct includes an integrated camera shoe mount allowing you to safely and securely connect it to your camera body. We…

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Air Direct Utility Bridge Mode

Apr 8, 2020 | 2 Comments

Product Update: Use Internet Service While Being Connected to the Air Direct Wireless Tethering System As we continuously improve the Air Direct Wireless Tethering System to ensure optimal performance for users of the system, we’re excited to announce that we have released a big update to the Air Direct Utility (ADU) for the Air Direct…

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