It Starts with a Cable

Sep 3, 2018

Bio: In addition to being Tether Tools Director of Business Development, Wes Maggio is a long-time photographer and educator. When I first heard of tethered photography, I sort of wrote it off as being difficult, or a workflow limited to “the pros”. Turns out, I wasn’t alone. A lot of photographers thought that way. (Still…

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Tech Tip: Connecting the USB 2.0 Mini-B 8-Pin

Aug 27, 2018

Bio: Catherine Slye is a fine art photographer and manages all technical support for Tether Tools. Follow her on Instagram at @catslye_photography and online at   I talk with all types of photographers from all over. Every photographer wants the same thing — to be able to keep working efficiently, effectively and as creatively as possible. For those…

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Protecting Your Cable and Ports When Shooting Tethered

Aug 7, 2018

You selected the correct TetherPro USB cable using our Search By Camera tool at Now it’s time to consider how you’ll protect your cable and camera data port to extend their life and maintain top performance.  Whenever I shoot I use some form of cable management system.  When I first started shooting tethered I…

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Photographer Spotlight: Felix Massey

Jul 18, 2018

Bio: Felix Massey is a 17-year-old Los Angeles based photographer, follow him on Instagram @felix_massey.  I would describe my style of photography as… Many of my photographs are narrative based works or representations. I have a strong interest in combining narrative-based portraiture with a cinematic sensibility. I tap my urban surroundings as inspiration and backdrop…

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What Cable Do I Need to Shoot Tethered?

Jul 12, 2018 | 3 Comments

Bio: Leon Lucero is a photographer, digitech, and manages customer service and support for Tether Tools. Choosing the correct cable to tether your camera to your computer can seem like a daunting task, but it really is quite easy.  The cable connecting your camera directly to your computer is referred to as a Primary cable. …

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How I Got The Shot: Joyland Toyland Series Macro Photography

Jul 6, 2018

Bio: Catherine Slye is a fine art photographer and manages all technical support for Tether Tools. Follow her on Instagram at @catslye_photography and online at   My Gear List: Sony a9 Manual lens; Canon EF Macro 50mm 1:2.5 Pictools adapter Two Lume Cubes and various Roscolux Filters Asus 15” laptop with 4K monitor Capture One for…

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Charging Issue While Shooting Tethered With Phase One

May 15, 2018

Technical support recommendation: We’ve received reports that Phase One shooters have had issues charging and shooting tethered their cameras simultaneously. We’re working with Phase One on testing, but for now we are recommending the Charging from PC setting be turned to Off by completing the following steps in camera. Select IQ Settings >  Select Power Management…

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Shooting Tethered with the Panasonic LUMIX GH5

Mar 4, 2018

Tethering a Panasonic LUMIX GH5 to a laptop or computer is made easy with the help of Tether Tools gear! This new camera utilizes a USB-C data port. Shoot tethered with the Panasonic LUMIX GH5 using our TetherPro USB to USB-C cable if your computer has a traditional USB port or TetherPro USB-C to USB-C if your…

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Photographer Spotlight: Tina Eisen

Jan 11, 2018 | 3 Comments

Bio: Photographer Tina Eisen was born and raised in Germany and has been living in the UK since 2004. Her passion is to create beautiful photography that inspires people to stop for a moment and dive into the story she’s telling. Recent clients include Harvey Nichols, ASOS, Marks & Spencer, ITV, Amazon, Barbour, Spring Studios, Facebook…

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