How I Got the Shot: Shavonne Wong

How I Got the Shot: Shavonne Wong

Mar 31, 2020

Singapore-based Shavonne Wong is an award-winning fashion photographer with 8 years of experience under her belt. Having started out as a self-taught photographer armed only with passion, a diploma in IT and a dash of stubbornness, Shavonne started her photography career from scratch to what it is today. She shoots to tell a story, to…

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Photographer Spotlight: Jeff Carpenter

Mar 27, 2020

Jeff Carpenter is a commercial portrait and headshot photographer, educator, and owner of Readylight Media, a visual media and marketing agency based outside of Nashville, TN. He started his photography career in 2010, shortly after college where he was required to take a photography class in order to graduate. Being a predominantly self-taught photographer, he…

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Fashion Photographer Danny Diaz Reviews the Air Direct

Mar 23, 2020 | 2 Comments

With the release of the Air Direct Wireless Tethering System, photographers from around the globe now have the mobility and flexibility to shoot wirelessly while transferring images to their computer or mobile device. This allows photographers a better, more efficient workflow. The ability to share images to clients and models, taking their workstation on location,…

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How I Got the Shot: Vance Boo

Mar 20, 2020

Based in Singapore, Vance Boo is a product and still life photographer having worked with brands such as Skechers, Irvins Salted Eggs, Himalaya, Boldr, Titan Digital Media, and also a pool of recurring clients as their trusted photographer of choice. Vance loves creating immersive and stunning visuals of inanimate objects that tells everyone more than…

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How I Got the Shot: Rachel Neville

Mar 16, 2020

Rachel Neville is a New York City-based dance and movement photographer. Rachel creates unique, powerful, transformative visuals for dance companies and editorial publications that are designed to stop viewers, captivate their imagination and bring them into the theatre. Rachel has spent many years shooting dance for a variety of clients including Boston Ballet, Complexions Contemporary…

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How I Got the Shot: Ryan Sims

Mar 9, 2020

Nashville-based photographer Ryan Sims is a photographer and digital artists who specializes in Photoshop composites and Cosplay photographer. In addition, Ryan’s portfolio varies from cosplay, seniors, weddings, artists, sports, and modeling. Follow him on social media @ryansimsphotography or visit his website at I have always been a big superhero nerd. So I wanted to…

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How I Got the Shot: Gilmar Smith

Mar 6, 2020

Gilmar Smith is a photographer and Photoshop artist specializing in Creative Portraiture and Conceptual Children’s Photography with the use of colorful, expressive and humorous stylized form. In addition, she also writes Tutorials and reviews for Photoshop User Magazine. Follow her at @gilmarsmith or visit her personal site. One of the things I am most passionate…

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How I Got the Shot: Giancarlo Pawelec

Sep 17, 2019

Toronto-based photographer Giancarlo Pawelec has a self-taught photography career spanning two decades. He has worked with a wide clientele that includes Jaguar, Porsche, Ford, and Kenneth Cole Productions. Follow him @pawelecphoto or visit his personal site. There’s nothing better than working collaborative with a team of fellow creatives. As the theme for this shoot was…

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How I Got the Shot by Viktor Kery

Aug 9, 2019

Viktor Kery is a London based commercial photographer crafting storytelling images for hotels and restaurants, specialised in food and interior photography. Check out his @viktorkery. As many of us in the industry can attest, hotel photography is one of the most challenging environments we as photographers can work in. The clients tend to be among…

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Photographer Spotlight: Yaneck Wasio

Jun 24, 2019 | 2 Comments

Sasha & Yaneck WASIO are wedding and portrait photographers based in Orange County (Irvine, CA) with over 10 years of professional experience. They are the founders and owners of WASIO photography (weddings), WASIO faces (headshots & portrait), and WASIO Master Prints. Yaneck has the honor to be VP of the photography competition for Professional Photographers…

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How I Got The Shot by Brad Olson

May 21, 2019

Brad Olson is a PhotoVogue Artist and Nikon Pro who specializes in fashion, editorial and commercial photography. Check out his site and follow him on Instagram @bradolsonphotography. CONCEPTThis session was a collaboration with two very talented ballet dancers, Juliet Doherty and Slawek Wozniak. I wanted to capture their unique talents in a dynamic location….

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How I Got the Shot: Daniel Woods

May 7, 2019

CONCEPT This was a workshop instructing students how to shoot underwater. Various models were used to expose students to different challenging factors. SETUP AND LIGHTING I wanted a very soft ambient feel to the images, so I rigged a giant Fotodiox 12×12´ scrim over the pool to create super soft daylight. For our nightlight setup,…

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