How to Get Your Tethered Photography on the Big Screen

Feb 11, 2020

A big benefit of a tethered workflow is improved collaboration. Having the ability to move an image seamlessly from your camera to a laptop or mobile device gives photographers a lot of visibility to the fine details of their shot like focus, color, shadows and more. Plus, it keeps your collaborators – whether it’s your clients, a stylist or the parents of the dancer you just photographed – away…

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Imaging USA 2020 – Top 7 Questions About Tethered Photography

Jan 24, 2020

Imaging USA came to a close this week, and photographers from all over the country and world are making their way back to their studios and sets equipped with insights, information and plenty of new gear. As a first-time Imaging USA attendee, it was inspiring to witness the passion, energy and ideas shared within the photography community.    If you…

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