Keep Scheduled Shoots on Track with These Remote Workflow Tips

Mar 25, 2020

If your current circumstances don’t allow you to be in the same location with your client for a photo shoot, you can still meet the needs of your clients remotely by shooting and sharing images – and collaborating from afar.   Here’s what you’ll need to set up a virtual – yet still very connected – tethered photo shoot using one of the following solutions: DropBox, Video Conferencing or networking with Capture Pilot.  Using DropBox, you’ll need:  Camera  Computer …

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Summer’s Big Deal is Here!

Jun 15, 2015

  Tether Tools is proud to sponsor this Summer’s Hottest deal in Photo Education.  $99 for over $4,000 worth of great educational tools AND you’ll be help two incredible charities – Team Jessie and SeedLight Workshops.  You’ll get classes from Scott Kelby, Clay Blackmore, Lindsay Adler, Jared Platt, Dave Cross, Aaron Nace, Gavin Gough, Colin Smith,…

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DFW Expo 2014 Event

Nov 18, 2014

4th Annual DFW Photo Expo Arlington, TX · November 22nd & 23rd 2014 from 10am – 6pm Howdy! The 4th annual DFW Photo Expo is upon us. November 22nd – 23rd. Located at the Arlington Convention Center in Arlington, TX, this Expo includes an incredible free trade show, educational lectures and training, product giveaways, amazing…

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Simon Pollock’s Review of the Tether Table Aero

Jul 9, 2013

We always knew the Tether Table Aero was versatile, but Simon Pollock of Digital Photography School and thinkTank Photo has given it an even higher purpose. “Since getting hold of my own Aero, I’ve been using her for a lot more than simply shooting tethered on a set or in the studio – the Tether…

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Film & Video Production Gear

Jul 9, 2013 | One Comment

Tether Tools gear isn’t just for still photography. We have plenty of versatile solutions that work for shooting video, too. StrapMoore ($18.95): Organize your cables and keep gear safe! The StrapMoore also attaches power bricks to your camera stand, prevents cords from dragging or getting caught under rolling stands, and keeps small accessories you need…

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The Grid: When a Photography Shoot Goes Wrong

Jun 27, 2013

While on an outdoor shoot in Florida, Scott Kelby and Brad Moore run into some unexpected weather issues and lose an important piece of gear. On this episode of The Grid, they share an important takeaway and show us the resulting images. Check it out! “We had a shoot where it unexpectedly started to rain…

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Laptop Workstations: In the Office with Tether Tools

Mar 5, 2013

Photography and film professionals are maximizing Tether Tools’ line of versatile products to create efficient and streamlined workflows. But did you know that our products can be used in the office, too, as laptop workstations? Take the Tether Table Aero. This durable and lightweight laptop workstation is a great solution for medical offices, for example….

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