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  1. The Case Air Wireless product is very appealing, but in checking the reviews on the Amazon website, I find 31% of the reviews are just ONE star out of five. Comments range from disapproving to nearly violent, “DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT!!” Most of the complaints have to do with reliability–the units simply do not function for very long.

    If one-third of Case Air buyers are dissatisfied, I’d say you have a problem. Are you working to improve this product?

  2. Hi Richard, great question. We’ve done numerous updates to the Case Air app and firmware to help stabilize and improve the user experience. In addition to it being a more solid product since launch, we’re also available via customer support if needed, and if worse comes to worst and you don’t like the product we back it with a 90-day money back return policy.

  3. I went to a wedding with a photo booth. It was amazing! I have a Canon 60D and Lightroom CC 2015. What cables do I need to shoot tethered and what else do I need for a full blown photo booth? Ex: c stand

  4. Hi. I’ve been using your cables for a couple years, they are great! However I recently bought a USB C cable to connect my Lenovo X1 2018 tablet PC to my 5Div with Capture One and I’m getting terrible crashes on the camera related to connection problems. I also tried same cable with my desktop PC and experienced similar problems. My question is, is it likely it’s a bad cable or an inherent problem with C1 and USB C ? I’m getting another cable on Monday and will test that cable then. Any thoughts, advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

  5. I am using CamRanger successfully to tether to either my iPad or iPhone. I have a situation where I would like to use live view with my Nikon D850 but I want to release the shutter on the Nikon, not remotely from the iPad or iPhone. Is this possible?

  6. I had a Canon 5D mark IV and now have a nikon D850. It appears to have the same connection for tethering to my mac. Is this true?

  7. I have a Nikon D200 and D3s. I haven’t tethered in a while but thought I’d start using again (worked fine in the past). I have Lightroom 5 and a tether cord that I’ve used successfully in the past. For whatever reason, neither camera’s can connect to either of my macBook pros. I’ve tried different cords, I’ve removed the cards, I used a card with no pics, I’ve shut down the camera, Lightroom and the computer. No combination of troubleshooting seems to work. Lightroom is not detecting the camera. Any help would be most appreciated.

  8. When using a tether cable from my camera to my mac laptop the photos obviously display on my laptop screen but are not stored on the memory card in the camera. I have had a few situations where the photo is not displayed on the laptop and also not stored on the memory card and therefore lost altogether. Is there a solution where all photos taken are stored on the camera card as well as the computer memory?

  9. New tether tools not reading the camera.

    I teach high school photography. I just got the 8 pin and 5 pin for my Nikon D5300 and D3400 student cameras. We struggled to get the camera to be recognized when using it for the first time.
    We updated all Lightroom software as well.

    When initially setting it up and then during usage, the camera would not be recognized periodically. At one point, it said it didn’t recognize/see a camera but it still took photos.

    We use card readers more than download cords and so those ports should not be that overused. Is there a way to make the cable maintain a tighter connection. It seemed that when we held in it or kind of pushed on it, it worked better but it was annoying to have to do that. What would you suggest as the more secure method of preventing accidental disconnection? We are using USB A (2) connections for older iMacs and Dell laptops. The Jerk Stopper looked interesting and I’ll probably try that but I not nuts about having to switch those around to different cameras all the time. I see the strings getting broken pretty quickly and then there’s nothing. May I suggest a scissor clip instead.


  10. Just bought a Tether Boost Pro USB 3.0 but cannot connect my D810 to Lightroom 6.10 via my MacBook Pro, have update D810 firmware and have latest updates on MacBook Pro. Is this a Nikon D810 or a Mac Book issue?
    Any assistance would be appreciated.

  11. I have a Nikon D7100 and a Mac Book Pro thats’ 8 years old or so, is it worth using that to shoot tethered? Its slowed down a bit, but not in a position to buy a new plus all of my tablets have crapped out. My wife said it was a sign 🙂 If it is worth it, which software should I tether with?

  12. Hi Shoun!

    While I can’t say that it’s time for a new computer without looking at your computer in person, I can recommend trying out our own tethering software, Smart Shooter. It’s a great alternative if you’re looking into just shooting tethered. There’s a 30 day free trial and you can see if your computer runs OK with this program at no cost to you. https://www.tethertools.com/product/smart-shooter-4/#specs. Another suggestion would be taking the computer to a certified repair shop and seeing if your computer still has some life left to it. 🙂 Hope this helps!

  13. I have the cross bar screwed down to my tripod but the knob to tighten does not secure so the whole bar can spin around on the axis. It does not lock. Am I missing something or is it a defect.

  14. Hi David! Contact customer service via email (customersupport@tethertools.com) or phone (888-854-6565) and they’ll be able to help you out!

  15. Hello all,

    I have just gotten a brand new MacBook Pro 15 for 2019, and my thoughts are do you offer a Cable that is USB3 female with a Thunderbolt 3? This way I am trying to reduce all the wires. The USB3 can be powered, thus reducing one more reason to have a power bar close by. If so can you send me a link and a location in Canada I can purchase it.



  16. Hi There

    I have upgraded from a D7200 to a Z6 (Nikon) of course the port has changed from Mini B 8 Pin to USB C.
    Does anyone know of an appropriate adaptor to enable the use of my existing tether tools cable. – i.e a USB Mini B 8 pin female to USB C male?

  17. Hey Dave,

    We offer a variety of cables to ensure that every camera output can properly connect without the use of adapters. Your best choice is to grab a new cable USB-C to USB-C for your new camera. Thanks!

  18. Hey Neetan,

    What kind of camera output do you have? USB-C or USB-A? I can help you out in determining the correct cable for your tethering needs. Thanks!

  19. Just bought a Case Air, I have a Nikon D7100 ( compatible) – 2012 MacBook Pro , iPad 6th Gen & iPhone XR. Downloaded the proper apps for each device. On the iPhone XR (launched everything in the correct order , but could not connect I get a connection error. Uhm what to do, so I turned off my cellular connection & it connected. What gives?????

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