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  1. Hi – Are you planning to come out with a Case Relay Camera Coupler for the new Panasonic LUMIX FZ-2500 model? And, if so, do you have an estimate as to when?


  2. Hi, I bought a used case relay from B&H New York. Have connected the relay to my Canon 5D Mk III and installed app on my Ipad Air. The Ipad, Canon and Case are all running latest software / firmware as appropiate.

    The relay connects to the case network and displays the cameras settings in the window. Further any changes to camera settings are reflected in the display. However the app is entirely unresponsive – wont fire camera or access settings screens or example. No error messages are displayed. Any suggestions how to resolve as was excited to acquire a wireless tehering solution but what I have got is useless.

    I am based in the UK.


  3. best Tether Tools
    I want to use your Case Air wireless interface for my photobooth.
    This photobooth I myself developed the software in Visual Studio C # 2015. Could it be possible that from my software (sour code) Canon camera could operate? take a picture or live view is the most important.
    Can I Case Air operate in any way without a USB cable?
    So would be great over WiFi.
    My thanks and best regards,
    Henk de Back

  4. Hi David, we’re currently working on a number of USB-C cables, including a USB 3.0 to USB-C cable but we do not have a timetable for release as of yet.

  5. Hello

    I have Olympus EM5 Mk II and need to get tether cablem but I don’t see the Cable that compatible for EM5.

    It suggests that I can get extension cable for it.
    Should I order TetherPro USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Active Extension Cable oar USB 2.0 ?

  6. @Guni,

    The Olympus EM5 Mark II is a USB 2.0 camera. It is a proprietary USB connection cable, so you will use the cable that came with the camera with our TetherPro USB 2.0 Active Extension.

  7. Hi Josh
    Thanks for your reply. One more thing as I get an email about TetherBoost Pro, can I use that? as that’s an USB 3.0.


  8. Hi…I have the original 5D..I am currently tethering from CAMERA to older MacBook Pro via USB.
    Now that I am getting my new MacBook Pro…it all THUNDERBOLT.
    Do you have a cable to go from CAMERA to THUNDERBOLT or do I need to stick with classic usb adapter???


  9. Using thethertools cables with my D3 and D750 any movement of the camera causes the connection to fail. I have tried various cables and have the same problem with those cables.

    Are you aware of this problem with nikon cameras? Any suggestions to fix this problem?

  10. I love my X-Lock cover and X-Lock Hand grip and Connect Lite. However, I went to use my X-Lock Hand grip yesterday and the “X” was loose in my bag. The nut that holds the “X” on was missing. I looked all over my bag but did not find it. You sell a replacement for the hardware but provide no nut. I am thinking this is going to be hard to find. Would you help me?

  11. I have tried several combinations of Nikon cable to USB adapter and cannot get the Mac to recognize the camera.

  12. I just got my unit, plugged in and ready, but focus does not work. I have the camera icon selected, auto-focus is set on the lens itself, live view works but when I touch on the image it acts like it is trying to focus for a second and then nothing happens. Any other settings that might cause this not to work?

  13. I see that the Tether Tools app has overridden my camera settings for saving RAW format only, and has replaced with jpg files saved and no raw, I realize that the app may need the jpg files to show previews, but how do I get it to still save the RAW files I want also?



  14. For the case air tether, I see the transmitter attached to the camera on the camera’s hot shoe. Does the transmitter have to be mounted to the hot shoe or can it be mounted on a separate cold shoe?

  15. this is my first try of tethering, i don’t know what cable to use, my camera is Canon 5D Mark II and my laptop computer is Apple Macpro with USB 3.0 HI-Speed Bus

  16. I’m shooting tethered from Nikon D500 to a (good spec) laptop, to Lightroom, with a single 4.6 mtr Cable (CU5454), always getting a reliable signal. If I double the length with a 4.6 mtr extension cable (CU3017) should I still get a reliable signal running 9.2mtr in total?

  17. It’s something we’d love to have but don’t know that it’s on the immediate horizon. I’ll let our developers know you’re interested!

  18. Using the case air and 5d mk iv it seems to download both my jpeg and raw no matter what setting. anyway to make the 5d only take the Jpeg since I just use the raw off the CF card.

  19. Which app do you recommend for iPad Pro 10.5 viewing and control with Case Logic hardware?

    And how robust is the ad hoc WiFI connection, i.e. is it easy to establish initial connection, is it fairly immune to dropping, does it stay connected on 10-20 minute idle?

    Before I plunk for the Case Logic hardware, I’d like some assurance it works. My application is large-size viewfinding for location real estate interiors with EOS 5D mk IV and mk II, 24mm TS-E, 17mm TS-E and 14mm f/1.8 Art lenses. I’d like a larger view than a 3″ LCD to be sure everything is sharp and I didn’t miss anything.


  20. Using the Case Air with an iPhone 8 Plus or other smart phone, is it possible to make the Live View preview “zoom in” to check critical focus? I am currently shooting with a Nikon D850.

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