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  1. I am buying a Canon 1dx with the wireless transmitter.
    I would like to shoot tethered to my ipad (w/retina display).

    How can I achieve this with your tools?

  2. Hi Juan – Thanks for contacting us. The Canon wireless transmitter can not send images directly to an iPad. You must first transmit wireless to a computer and then send the images wireless to the iPad. If would like to eliminate the computer portion you may want to look at CamRanger instead of the Canon transmitter. CamRanger works with many Nikon & Canon models and can transfer to any iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC or Android

  3. Purchase product from Germany

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I’m interested in some of your products. Since I live in Germany, it is not clear to me how I can obtain these products. Can you help me?

    Best regards
    Stephan Kausch

  4. Hi Stephan – Thanks for contacting us. You can order direct from us or please take a look at our Store Locator page to find the most convenient location in Europe to purchase.

    Thanks again for contacting us and please let me know if I can be of any additional assistance at this time.

    Kind Regards, Seth

  5. Hi,

    I want to setup a family photo booth using a Canon 7D, Camranger, MacBook Pro and iPad Mini.

    Is it possible to set thing up so that once the photo has been taken, the preview shows up on both the iPad and Mac with the option to email/facebook share to friends?

    I’ve searched everywhere and it doesn’t seem possible. Even CamShare doesn’t give the option to email to friends.

    Kind Regards

    Mark Wilson

  6. Hi Mark – That is correct. CamRanger does not give you the ability to email direct from their application because the most common way to use the device is by creating an ad-hoc network between the camera(CamRanger) and the MBP, iPad, etc. so there is not outside internet connectivity to send images via email, Facebook, etc. However you do have the ability to bridge CamRanger to an existing network which will give you internet connectivity for the function you are needing. You would just need to use a different software application (not CamRanger software) to email images from the camera roll.

  7. Hi there,

    I was wondering if there is any tethering software for nikon d4s on a mac? any help would be so great!



  8. Hi Seth,
    I’ve been studying your tethering tips. I need to buy a camera that I can tether. I also need to download or buy software (that allows me to automatically direct images to a hotfolder that PhotoKeyPro will auto import.
    I’ve had to go to a folder and bring in images that have been ported in and that’s just too time consuming for fast paced Green Screen work.
    I don’t do hi-end photography now and not likely to in the future, but want a decent camera that meets these Green Screen needs. So budget is a factor.
    Can you make recommendations. There is a long list of cameras that work with Lightroom, but I may not even need that level of software. Help,
    Thank you.

  9. Hi Myrta – Thanks for contacting us. What camera you select will depend on correct software to use. Some software options only work with only Nikon, some only Canon, etc. Here is a list of many popular tethering software options.

    All tethering software will allow you to direct which folder you want to place the image files. When the Auto Import feature will come into play is on PhotoKeyPro. You would set that software for auto import to see the files that are being added to the folder selected. I hope that makes sense. Thanks again for contacting us and please let me know if I can be of any additional assistnace. Regards, Seth

  10. Hello, My name is Rohan Wadera and I work with Wb Engineering and 1Click 3DPrint. I am currently working on a project that requires me to tether 20 cameras together to one computer. The basics is that I need to fire all cameras together with one remote, which I will figure out how to, and collect all that data together in one folder on my computer at that same moment instead of separately extraction it from cameras. How is it possible to do this? Any help would be appreciated and it would help me a lot. Thank you.

  11. Hi Rohan – Thanks for reaching out. Firing all the camera at the same time is fairly simple using radio triggers of sync cables. The software side is a little more technical. Breeze System is probably the best option for that many cameras. This software is for PC’s only as that platform is much more flexible for these types of applications. If you are interested in finding out more about breeze email customerservice@tethertools.com and we can make an introduction to our contacts over there. Thanks, Seth

  12. Dear Tether talk,

    I shoot with a Canon 40D Tethered to Lightroom 5 on a Mac Pro.

    When I plug the USB cable into the camera and Lightroom displays that it recognizes may camera the LCD on the back of the camera stops working. I wold like to see my photos on the cameras LCD screen as well as in light room is this possible?

  13. Dear Tether talk,

    I shoot with a Canon 40D Tethered to Lightroom 5 on a Mac Pro.

    When I plug the USB cable into the camera and Lightroom displays that it recognizes may camera the LCD screen on the back of the camera stops working. I would like to see my photos on the cameras LCD screen as well as in light room is this possible?

  14. Hi Julius, there is a setting in the camera’s menu to active the LCD when connected via USB. Canon provides this option, Nikon does not. Hope this helps. Regards, Seth

  15. I would like to use your program to control a mirrorless camera by a computer. And save the picture into the same computer via usb 3 cable during shooting.

    Please suggest a camera and program.

    Thank you and happy new year.

  16. I’m having problems tethering my Nikon D800, it drops the connection. I have the tether tools USB3 hub as well as the battery.
    I’m using a tether tools usb3 extension with another 15′ cable to the camera, should the hub be between the extension and the cable?

    I’ve never been able to get a consistent connection with this camera.


  17. Ian, the TetherBoost should be between the 15′ cable and the extension cable. If that doesn’t work, give us a call and we can trouble shoot over the phone.

  18. Hi Seth,
    We have 3 Canon 1DX MkII on order. They will be used for shooting video on shoulder rigs. We wish to tether to Samsung S5’s to allow us to use touch to set focus point while shooting video.
    Do you sell a single cable to go from the 1DX MkII to the S5?
    Or am I likely to need:
    1 Cable from camera (USB 3.0) to a TetherBoost
    2 TetherBoost
    3 Cable from TetherBoost to OTG Adapter Cable
    4 OTG Adapter Cable

  19. Michael,
    To achieve what you’re looking to do, you would need to do the numbered options. However, the TetherBoost does come with a 3′ cable, so you don’t need #3.

  20. Pentax K-3…

    I am happy that you offer a highspeed-cable for Pentax K-3… but which software will allow me to shoot tethered with this thing.
    I know and find it kinda cool, that you are offering a cable for it and that there is a Flu-Card available with which it is possible to do wireless tethering.
    But i like the idea of sending it via a cable, because it is much more reliable. And since you offer a cable i guess there has to be some software so i can make use of it in another way than just viewing the pics right away on the PC… (i also would love to control the settings right away on the laptop)

  21. I am considering a Case Relay Power System for my Nikon D300s. The camera has the D10 battery pack, so I have (2) batteries. There is (1) in-camera battery and (1) in the battery pack. How will the Case Relay Power System work with that?

  22. Dwight,
    The Case Relay Coupler would replace the battery in the battery pack. The battery pack has a rubber slot to allow the coupler cable to route through and then connect to the Relay.

  23. Hi,
    I have a question. I want to shoot tethered from my A7ii or/and a6300 to my Sony z4 Android Tablet. I have read your article about the non-ios tethered shooting. Sadly there is no solution for Sony cameras.
    Play memories is way to slow for me. Is there a good wired solution?

  24. The new Macbook Pros just got announced with only USB Type C Ports.
    Can we expect Tethertools USB Type C Cables soon to continue a steady workflow?

  25. I have the Tetherboost Core Controller…. my assistant has mentioned that the Rock Solid External Battery Pack (10,000 mAh) will make it work with a stronger signal? (always have drop out issues with the Tethertools usb extension plugged in.) Is this correct and do i need this battery? I already have 2 external batteries to power the MacBook Pro.
    Many Thanks

  26. Oliver,
    Adding power to the Core Controller will help when using an extension cord. It does not have to be our Rock Solid External Battery Pack. You can use any USB power pack. If the external batteries for your macbook have a USB option, you can use that.

  27. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Will the Case Air work in conjunction with a remote trigger on a Canon 5D MkIII? I also noticed in looking around your site that there is iOS software/app for remote controlling the camera but I didn’t see anything for Android…is there any?


  28. I need to attach a Camranger to my tripod. What is your solution for this? (Please note that your search tool on your webpages isn’t working for me. As soon as I click in the field, the browser takes me to another page, without me being able to type any search terms.)

  29. i have been trying to buy a “Tether Tools Introduces Case Air Wireless Tethering System” as announced in your email of 14th SEPTEMBER 2016, sine you sent that email out

    but no one seems to actually have any in stock … ANYWHERE

    what IS going on?

    btw i am in the UK and have got one on order from 3 shops, none of which have received any from you

    maybe you should either NOT announce things that a nowhere near being ready to actually buy, or say when the release date is likely to be … just an idea

    because this is a product that is LONG OVERDUE ( i stupidly bought Nikons wi-fi system which cost nearly £1000 and no one could get to work, even nikon support … very sad state of affairs imho)

  30. Does the Case Air has a feature that allows one to transfer selected files from the camera to Android, iPhone or Computer after the shoot?

  31. Yes it does – you can select individual or a group of files to download to the device after the shoot.

  32. It will, the Case Air does not need to sit in the hot shoe. The app/software is called Case Remote, available on Google Play.

  33. I have a Mac Pro where cables are constantly coming loose. Is there a technique or gismo that you sell which creates a attachment between the cable and the computer?

  34. I work with a Nikon D90. I have Lightroom (tether) on my laptop and it works well. I use a short tether now, 6-8′, I guess. I mostly shoot in a studio. What is a good, typical orange tether length and the cost. Also a set of plug connector “pull out” protectors.
    If I were to buy your new wireless, camera top device for image transfer from camera to laptop will I still be able to use my Pocket Wizards on top of my camera?

    Thank you,
    Bob Dawson
    STUDIO 45

  35. Bob,

    Most of our customers use the 15′ Orange TetherPro cable. We find it’s a good length for most shooting scenarios. We also sell the JerkStopper Camera Support to keep it from coming unplugged and to protect your camera ports.

    Cable: https://www.tethertools.com/product-category/cables-adapters/
    Jerkstopper: https://www.tethertools.com/product/jerkstopper-camera-support/

    The wireless unit, Case Air, does not require the hot shoe to function. You can continue to use your Pocket Wizard and let the Case Air hang using the provided lanyard.


  36. Hi there (from The Netherlands)

    I’m having a problem tethering my Canon 5D4 to Lightroom. Backround – having no problems at all tethering my 1D4 to Lightroom with a USB 2 cable. The 5D4 has a USB 3 cable supplied with it. I can however tether to Canon’s DPP 4 but it is very slow.

    I want to use Lightroom CC (newest version) – LR sees the camera and the initial camera settings, then it shows a blank preview and seemingly starts to transfer the image, but doesn’t. The camera settings shown in LR all go to ‘auto’ and nothing else happens. I’m working on a MacPro desktop 2010. LR says ‘transferring images from camera’ but nothing happens.

    If I switch off the 5D4 it says ‘recording – tranferring images’. Tried using full-size RAW to smallest JPEG, no difference.

    I’ve Googled everything I can think of without succes. Anybody have any ideas?

    regards, Brian

  37. hello

    I’m trying hard to find how to setup all my monitors in my studio.
    I’m doing food photography and i need to have a second monitor for my stylist who works with live view, and i need a third monitor so that the client can see the shots.
    is there a way to do that?

    thanks allot

  38. @theodosis,

    You should be able to use an HDMI splitter to do what you’re looking for. Go out of the camera via HDMI to the splitter. From the splitter, go to the monitors. Tether Tools does not sell a splitter, but a quick search should yield quite a few results.

  39. I have connected wirelessly from my Macbook Pro to Case Air, but when I download the app, I get a static app-looking screen that has no controls on it – no buttons for capture, photos, settings, and no left had column with “shooting mode,” etc. How do I get a functional CaseRemote app?

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