How to Get Your Tethered Photography on the Big Screen

Posted by: on Feb 11, 2020

A big benefit of a tethered workflow is improved collaboration. Having the ability to move an image seamlessly from your camera to a laptop or mobile device gives photographers a lot of visibility to the fine details of their shot like focus, color, shadows and more. Plus, it keeps your collaborators – whether it’s your clients, a stylist or the parents of the dancer you just photographed – away from the camera so you can focus on your subject and the adjustments you want to make in your next image.  

For some photographers, the collaboration needs go beyond having the images appear on a laptop screen or mobile device. On large studio shoots, educational workshops or even with simple photo booth setups at weddings and corporate events, sharing images to a larger monitor or TV become essential.  

We frequently get asked by photographers how they can get images displayed onto larger screens. Those individuals are often surprised, and happy to know, that the answer doesn’t mean having to purchase any specialty photography gear. 

Before you decide HOW to display on the larger screen, determine WHAT you want to display. Just as with a dual monitor set-up on your desk, you have a choice of one of the following display options:  

Screen Mirroring
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Screen Mirroring

This means that whatever you have on your laptop screen will show up on the large screen. This option may make sense when you’re working with assistants, digitechs, creative directors or savvy clients who you are ok seeing the details of your software settings and the adjustments you’re making.  

Screen Extension
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Screen Extension

When extending your display, you can show completely different content on the larger screen. This lets you separate what you see on your computer screen from what your client or collaborators see on the larger screen. With this option, in addition to using the Extended Mode on your computer, you’ll also want to use the Dual Monitor setting in your tethering software so you can create a new window with the content you want your client to see.

Once you’ve determined what you want to share, here are a few easy ways to display images from your tethered shoot onto a bigger screen:  

  • HDMI cable: Just as TetherPro Cables represent your most reliable method of image transfer from your camera to computer, HDMI cables are the most straightforward and reliable way to get images displayed onto a larger screen from your laptop. High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables have become standardized by the electronics industry and easily connect to an HDMI computer port (or via a dongle) to a corresponding HDMI port in a monitor or TV. Once you’ve got the HDMI cable connected to your computer and change the input on your larger screen to the HDMI port you’re using. Whatever you have on your laptop screen will then show up on the larger display. 
  • Wireless Media Devices: Several consumer electronics devices will allow you to display your digital media on your compatible TV or computer monitor. While they are inexpensive to purchase, you may even already have a Google Chromecast, AppleTV , Amazon Firestick or any number of other options on hand which allow you to easily connect your computer to another display. 
Wireless Mirroring Devices
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  • Wireless Mirroring/Extension: Instead of using a cable or wireless media device, you may have sophisticated enough electronics on hand to enable screen mirroring. Mac users can easily mirror screens using AirPlay and an AirPlay-2 compatible SmartTV. Many SmartTVs, like Samsung, also have their own app which can be installed and used for screen mirroring with the TV.  
  • Next Level Collaboration: If you’re a Capture One user, you’ve got an easy way to extend your collaboration to multiple screens. Not only can you use one of the methods above to display your images on a monitor or TV, but you can also use Capture One’s free mobile app, Capture Pilot, along with the computer software to share your images on a mobile device or tablet.  

Photographers are known for their creativity, but luckily you don’t need to get too creative when it comes to improving collaboration by sharing your images on something other than your camera or laptop screen.  

Beyond simply displaying the images, if you need a way to mount the monitor or TV, Tether Tools has you covered with an extensive line of monitor mounts and accessories.  

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