Tech Tip: Setting Up the Tether Table Aero and Connecting to a Rock Solid 4-Head Tripod Cross Bar

Posted by: on Oct 9, 2018
Tether Table Aero and Rock Solid 4-Head Tripod Cross Bar on a Tripod

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I often talk with Tether Tools customers that are gearing up and increasing efficiency in their tethered workflow by adding a Tether Table Aero and Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar — one of our most popular setups . But once they receive their new table they are a little unsure how it goes together. In this article I’ll show you how easy it is to set up your Tether Table Aero and how to connect it to a Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar.

1. Unpack your Tether Table, the connector is called the LAJO. The LAJO, plus four screws and an Allen wrench are included, they are rolled inside the carrying case inside the box.


2. Line up the four holes on the face of the LAJO on the back of the table.


3. Gently turn the table over while keeping one hand on the connector.


4. Use the Allen wrench to connect the screws on the top side, to the LAJO on the bottom side.

5. Now your table is ready to connect in four different ways; to a tripod ballhead via the 1/4-20 or the Arca-Swiss mount, to the base of your tripod via the 3/8 stud or to a Low Boy Roller or lightstand via the baby stud.

6. Now that the LAJO connector is secured to the table, let’s connect it table to the Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar via the 3/8ths on the connector.  Line up the Tether Table LAJO connector female 3/8.

7. Tighten by turning the knurled knob – do not spin the table around on the 3/8ths to connect it, this will damage the rubber pad.

8. Secure the connector to the Cross Bar.

9. Tighten the two plate levers as needed.

Now you’re ready to get to work! You can customize the Tether Table as you see fit to your workflow, and in the next article we’ll take a look at other accessories for your table and how they all fit. Plus, if you’re on the wait list for the ONsite products, we’ll show you how to add it to your table in an upcoming Tech Tip.

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