How to Tether a Sony Camera with Capture One Software

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Tethering is an essential part of the modern photography landscape, and a must if you’re working with a client. It allows a photographer to view the photos in greater detail, work in collaboration with others on set such as an art director or stylist and view the session’s photos without needed to upload them to a computer first.

For Sony shooters there is arguably no better software solution than Capture One for shooting tethered. A professional RAW converter, Capture One renders with precise colors and incredible detail. It contains flexible digital asset management, all the essential adjustment tools and fast, responsive performance in one customizable and integrated solution. Capture One’s simplicity, intuitive organization and speed provides an array of powerful tools.

Sony camera owners also have the unique option of downloading Capture One Sony 11, often referred to as Capture One Express Sony. Created by Phase One, the software download includes a 30-day trial and is just $69 dollars to upgrade to Capture One Pro Sony at the time of this writing.

Compatible cameras include the most popular Sony cameras including the A9, a7R III, a7R II, a7R, a7S II, A7S, A7 II, a7, a6500, a6300, a6000, a5100, a5000, a99 II, a99, a77 II, a68. For a full list of compatible cameras and which offer Live view support visit the compatibility page.

Starting a Tethered Session

Setting up a tethered session is easy. Simply connect your camera to your computer using a TetherPro USB cable, open the Capture One software and create a new Session.

  1. Choose File > New Session
  2. Name the Session
  3. Check Location of the session and the naming of the individual Session folders
  4. Connect your USB cable to your camera and computer, the Camera Tool tab will be activated indicating a connection
  5. Every new capture will be stored in the capture folder of the Session

Live View with Capture One

Capture One also has a Live View feature for most compatible cameras enabling a photographer to see what their camera is seeing on their tethered laptop or computer. This is incredibly useful for still-life photographers providing the ability to make small adjustments and checking composition without taking a new shot each time.

Capture One is remarkably intuitive, and Phase One provides a vast array of video tutorials and webinars that cover how to get started as well as take a deep dive on retouching features on their YouTube channel.

For more information on Capture One Sony and to download a 30-day trial visit


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24 thoughts on “How to Tether a Sony Camera with Capture One Software”

  1. Hi, l downloaded the Capture 1 Pro/Sony, but cannot get it to work with my A6500, with latest firmware. I have a MacBook Pro, late 2013 and latest Sierra software. When connecting USB, Capture 1 immediately finds what is on my SD card, but does not recognize the camera even after making a file as shown in the video. I have had the software for about three weeks and no joy. If you can help me, then I would like to try another trial as this one never worked. Glad I didn’t buy as so far it doesn’t tether for me.

  2. I have the same problem. I installed Pro Capture One / Sony but it cannot recognize my Sony A6500 when I plugged in even though the computer recognized the camera. Any update on how to fix this?

  3. Re: Sony A7 RIII (firmware v.2) / iMac Pro (10.14) / Capture One Pro Sony (11.3.1) TetherTalk USBC -USBC cable

    Tethered continuous bracketing isn’t working. I fire the shutter from C1P but on continuous bracket it takes just a single shot and then stops.

    Has anyone any idea how to make continuous bracketing work?

  4. Hi,

    i recently bought a Sony AyR3 camera.
    I tried the 30 day trail Capture One for Sony Pro.
    I have problem connecting to the camera despite follow the steps in your video.

    I am using a Mac Book Pro and running the Mac OS High Sierra version 10.13.6 software.
    I have set the USB Connection in the camera menu to “Mass Storage”
    I have also tried to download the DriverLoader 1013 but i could install it.

    When else do I have to do?


  5. Curious if their support has helped resolve the tether issue with Sony cameras. I have a6500 and would like to purchase reliable software.

  6. Just downloaded the trial version 12 pro sony & tried to connect my A6500 but every time get this message “The Camera could not be attached. The Sony ILCE-6500 is unavailable”

  7. To everyone having trouble connecting the Sony a6500, or ANY Sony camera that is supported…
    Under the setup menu on the camera (in my case it is setup 4), the USB connection MUST be set to “PC Remote”. There are 4 options, auto, mass storage, MTP, and PC remote. PICK THE PC REMOTE – sorry for yelling but I was really frustrated trying to find what it was and did some internet digging 😉


  8. I have a Sony A7iii and cannot connect to Capture One – same message as others report ….and I have the USB set to PC Remote. Surely there is a more informative set of instructions from Phase One for tracking down this problem.

  9. I have a Sony a9 and can’t get the camera to connect to the software. I. have it (the camera) set on PC Remote. When I connect the computer and the camera, the computer back show “Mass Storage”. That is as far as I can go. Can you help?

  10. Hi Jim – You want the setting to be on Picture Transfer Protocol(PTP); then it will be able to communicate to the tethering software.

  11. Dear John,

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. AND, I AM YELLING. Telling me to switch it to pc remote was all i needed to get it to work. Had you not told us that, I would have floundered all day.
    Thank you!!
    Love, Kim

  12. Not sure if this helps anyone, but it sorted my issue.
    I could not get my A7iii to tether with Macbook Pro. after setting camera to pc remote, MAKE SURE to QUIT dropbox and Google Drive from running in the background. for some reason this stops the communication between camera and Capture One. Hope this helps someone else.


    (quit Dropbox and Google drive first and launch program with camera connected and turned on)

    Phase one – please update your website to explain to users with this problem. It is wasting hours!

  14. Hi everyone, I had the same problem. I don’t know the reason but the driver of Google Backup don’t allow to the ILCEM7 to be recognized by the mac. Disabling this software everything starts to run!
    I’v lost more than 1 month opening tickets both from Aplle and the italian Sony service. They weren’t able to help me. Only reading a post of american guy on a minor forum, I solved!

  15. I have the sony a7r iv and there is no PC option only ( auto, mass storage, MTP ) I am having the same problem as others. Have quit the apps mentioned. Still no camera registering for tethering.
    Running current version capture one 12.

  16. For a7r iV
    On the Sony a7r iV the PC remote on/off has been moved to the Network menu 1 > PC Remote Function > PC Remote on/off ( set to on )
    It is no longer in Setup Menu 4 where USB settings are. There is no PC option there.
    I have USB settings in setup menu 4 set to Auto & PC Remote in Network Menu 4 turned on also.

    Tethering is now working.

    The Camera screen will still say ” Mass Storage” when tethered.

    This worked for Capture One 12 and MacOS 10.14.4

  17. I can not get my A6400 tethered. Is there anyone who can help. I have version 20 for Sony. Im getting angry. You don’t want to see me when I’m angry!!! LOL

  18. Hey Timothy! I apologize for the frustration. We’ve got a very helpful customer service team that are here to provide technical support. I would suggest calling 888-854-6565 and getting in touch with them. If we don’t answer, please leave a message and someone will get back to you quickly. We’re happy to help!

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