How to Shoot Jaw-Dropping Fashion Photography for E-commerce

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Photo Courtesy of Jordan Green

In fashion photography, the line between editorial and e-commerce is blurrier than ever. In this article, we’ll look at three tips you’ll need to create inspiring fashion photography that will have your clients buzzing.

#1 – Success is 90% Preparation, 10% Perspiration

With such a large shot list to get through, being prepared is more than just relying on the fashion house turning up with the clothing and a model. Lots of legwork is done before anyone sets foot on set. The set and lighting need to have been set-up and tested, shot lists at hand, and ensuring everyone is arriving on time with the right frame of mind is key to maintaining a level of quality throughout the day.

E-commerce often ends up carrying with it a long shot list, so preparation involves more than simply waiting for the client to show up with a model and clothing. Make sure everything is ready to go before your client shows up by setting up lighting, firing off test shots, and having shot lists discussed before the shoot and available day of the shoot. A well-organized shoot will provide a high level of quality and ensures that you won’t be wasting anyone – including your own’s – time.

#2 – Make it a Team Sport by Shooting Tethered

Photo Courtesy of Jordan Green

As a photographer, you’ve probably been there before. You’re shooting, looking at the tiny three-inch screen on the back of your camera and believe you have the results that you want. However, when you upload the images to your computer you notice that the focus may have been off, or the model’s hair is out of place. These problems could have been easily avoided if you shot tethered.

For these types of shoots shooting tethered also means speed. You’re able to work with the client to analyze shots and adjust as necessary and have an increased speed in shot selection. Everyone, including the art director, model, makeup artist, stylist, and your assistant can see how the images are looking in real-time as they appear on your computer or monitor. That means that everyone on set is engaged and focused on getting the shot.

#3 – Move Swiftly on Set and in Post-Processing

Photo Courtesy of Phase One

Time is money and if you’re shooting dozens of looks and having a model potential changing several times you need to move swiftly with a high-energy level. Keep up the liveliness up with music, food and drink, and a positive attitude. As you’re shooting tethered apply a color profile or preset automatically to images as you shoot and keep your art director or client nearby for image selection as you go. This work during the shoot will save hours after it and allow you to deliver images swiftly to your client.


London-based fashion photographer Jordan Green took us behind-the-scenes on an e-commerce shoot for the brand Dear Kate, check out his write-up and video on

How I Got the Shot with Jordan Green – Fashion Photo Shoot for Dear Kate

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