FUJIFILM X-Pro2 Firmware Update Adds Support for Tethered Shooting

Posted by: on Dec 22, 2017
Photo Courtesy of FUJIFILM

FUJIFILM Corporation released a firmware update for the X-Pro2 that, among other updates, will allow the camera to shoot tethered via various methods. Read the full firmware update details here.

The first is a previously released plug-in for Adobe Lightroom. The plugin will be available from Adobe Add-ons website for US$79.

Another option is using FUJIFILM X Acquire, which was discussed in a recent spotlight article with Phoenix photographer Nader Abushab who spoke highly of using the software with his XT-2.


In order to shoot tethered with the X-Pro2 you’ll need a USB 2.0 to Micro-B 5 Pin cable. The TetherPro USB 2.0 to Micro-B 5-Pin Cable (15ft/4.6m) has a reinforced Ferrite core to filter out signal noise and reduce transmission errors and full-lined shielding to protect against external signal interference.

TetherPro USB 2.0 to Micro-B 5-Pin

Here’s some more details about the tethering plug-in for FUJIFILM to Lightroom.

(1) Featuring the “Camera Mode” and “PC Mode” to control shooting on camera or from computer

In Camera Mode, the camera is held in hand or set up on a stand. The images taken will be transferred directly and saved onto the computer for use in Lightroom. Adjustment of exposure and other shooting settings, as well as the shutter release, is carried out on the camera. In PC Mode, users can check the viewfinder image of a remotely-setup camera in the LIVE VIEW window, operate the camera and adjust its settings on the computer screen. The user can also take images and have them transferred directly and saved onto a computer for use in Lightroom. Adjustment of exposure and other shooting settings and the shutter releases are carried out from the connected computer.

(2) Featuring the “Control Panel” to check captured image and to control camera

The Control Panel PREVIEW window allows users to check transferred images in quicker than before.  The Control Panel also allows users to check shooting angles with LIVE VIEW, to set shooting conditions from the computer, to operate interval/bracketing shootings and to backup/restore all the camera settings.

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