Case Air Software Updates to Version 3.2.2 for Android Users

Posted by: on Nov 8, 2017 | 13 Comments

Tether Tools has released a big update to Case Remote, the companion app for the Case Air Wireless Tethering System, version 3.2.2 for the Android platform.

What’s New in Version 3.2.2:

  • Large image is now shown in capture mode after tapping on the thumbnail.
  • Added focus peaking and histogram in live view.
  • Added compare photos feature in album view.
  • Added ability to filter photos in album view.
  • Added ability to rotate live view display for portrait and landscape orientation.
  • Optimized pinch and zoom to show 100% image size in capture mode and album view.
  • Improved layout of buttons.
  • Added support for the Nikon D850.
  • Bug fixes.

Since launching Case Air last year Tether Tools has thoroughly solicited feedback and has worked hard to continually improve the user experience of Case Air.

How to Update Your Android Device

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device
  • Tap Menu and then My apps & games
  • Look for Case Remote and tap the Update button

Unsure if you’ve already upgraded to the latest version of the Case Remote app? Here’s how to determine your version number. 

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13 thoughts on “Case Air Software Updates to Version 3.2.2 for Android Users”

  1. When will Case Air Remote support be available for Nikon D850? I am using the iPhone version of the software.

  2. It seems like the new Android version 3.2.2 does not properly restore the value for “Max continuous release” (setting d3 on my Nikon D4 custom settings menu) from the value set in the Android app to the value that was set on the camera before the app was started.

  3. I wasn’t sure since which update, case air no longer support live view capture. I.e. When in live view, tapping the capture button has no effect. I wish your team could bring back this feature.

  4. What is new in the recently updated version 3.2.5?

    It seems like the Nikon D850 has been dropped from the list of compatible products in this new version…

  5. Greetings,
    I purchased my Case Air and received it today! Super excited to see that it works as advertised however there is one issue. When I tether and the image shows on my iPad Pro, the image is blurred. When i go under the EXIF link within the app it clears up and is sharp. It does the same thing when I use my iPhone 7 Plus. Please advise as to how to fix this issue.
    DSLR: Canon 5D Mark III
    Setting: RAW

  6. Hi, it sounds like you are shooting in RAW only – RAW files are blurry because the device cannot render the large files. We recommend shooting in RAW + Jpg small. In the Settings, turn ON Auto Thumbnails and Ignore RAW Download, so only the small Jpg thumbnails will transfer over for review purposes. If you have further questions don’t hesitate to email us at

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