Adding an iPad or Tablet to Your Tethered Workflow for Image Review

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Photo Courtesy of Thomas Ingersoll

From having clients and assistants on set to not being directly next to your tethered laptop, there are plenty of reasons why a photographer may want to add an iPad or tablet into their tethered workflow to view images on the fly.

Using Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom Mobile you can shoot tethered to Lightroom and have your shots automatically sync to Lightroom Mobile via Creative Sync and those shots will be on all your devices as well as the web simultaneously. The same technique can also be achieved using Capture One Pro and the Capture One Pilot app. 

Advantages of this setup:

    • Can be easily incorporated into how you’re already shooting tethered
    • View images as they come in full-screen mode
    • Clients not on location can sign on remotely to view and rate images in real-time

Setting up Lightroom Mobile and Connecting a Tablet or iPad

Once you start shooting your photos will go to a folder on the hard drive of your laptop, and also be automatically added to the new Collection, which in turn will sync to Lightroom Mobile.  Any iPad or tablet that is running Lightroom Mobile will be able to view the photos, including anyone logged onto the web version of your collection at

      1. Connect your camera to your laptop or computer using a TetherPro USB Cable
      2. Launch Lightroom, and select Tether Capture, then Start Tethered Capture
      3. Under Destination, select Add to Collection
      4. Select Create Collection to create your new Collection
      5. Select the Sync with Lightroom Mobile
For a full tutorial from Adobe, click here.

Setting up Capture One Pilot and Connecting an iPad

The Capture Pilot tool is located (by default) at the bottom of the Capture Tool Tab. It works in conjunction with the Capture Pilot app on an iOS device. The Capture Pilot app lets you present, rate and capture image files on an iPad. The Capture Pilot tool also has a web function that lets you view, rate and color tag captured images from a web browser on a computer, Android (mobile device) or Windows Phone operating system

      1. Connect your camera to your laptop or computer using a TetherPro USB Cable
      2. Launch Capture One and Start a Tethered Session
      3. Open Capture Pilot at the bottom of the Capture Tool Tab in Capture One Pro
      4. Add a Server Name and choose a Folder from the drop-down menu that you want to appear on your iPad
      5. Type in the password if applicable
      6. Now open the Capture Pilot app on your iPad
      7. Select your named Server from the Server List

Watch below from Phase One and photographer Adrian Weinbrecht to see him share this setup.


To securely mount a tablet in-studio or on location we recommend the AeroTab Universal Tablet System. Engineered with a secure corner to corner diagonal brace, the AeroTab keeps a tablet’s screen, as well as all buttons, cameras, speakers, and ports open and accessible.

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10 thoughts on “Adding an iPad or Tablet to Your Tethered Workflow for Image Review”

  1. This article is outdated, Adobe removed the ability to sync with Lightroom Mobile when they renamed Lightroom CC to Lightroom Classic CC. I can’t find a workaround

  2. Hi guys can you confirm the following questions

    Lightroom classic mobile installed on a iPad Pro which accepts USB now will connect to. Nikon D8xx using tether tool cable

  3. Leroy, while the new iPad Pro does use USB-C, it will not connect to a camera with a cable and import into Lightroom. Wireless is still the only way to go into an iPad.

  4. Hi guys,

    is there any possibilty to shoot directly into an iPad (or other tablet) using Lightroom mobile without using a laptop and Lightroom CC or is a laptop mandatory?

    Thanks and regards

  5. Hello,

    Is there any way to shoot tethered with a connecting wire to a Ipad Pro? I just want the client to see the images, not saving/downloading anything on it. I have a shoot that will be in many streets and need a reliable tethering system-my camera is a D850.



  6. Hello!

    Tethering to a tablet or phone is only available with the use of the Case Air wireless tethering system. Wired tethering is recommended to a laptop or desktop. Look into the Case Air if you’re interested!

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