How Tethering With the Panasonic LUMIX GH5 Will Improve Your Photography

Posted by: on Oct 17, 2017


Panasonic has officially released an update that allows the LUMIX GH5 to shoot tethered. Connect your GH5 to a laptop or computer using a TetherPro USB-C cable (coming soon) and fire up your Lumix Tether software, the GH5 now has native tethering!

In this article, we’ll talk with Tether Tools Pro and Lumix Luminary Nicholas Pappagallo about shooting tethered with the GH5, if he’d recommend it to fellow photographers, and more.

Can you walk us through the steps the steps you took to shoot tethered with the LUMIX GH5?

First, be sure to upgrade your firmware to 2.0 or above then I plug in my tether cord and turn on my camera. Select “start tethering” – after that, I open the “Lumix Tether” App on my MacBook Pro and it recognizes the camera is connected and ready to tether.   I now have control over the camera and am ready to set up my “watched reference folder”  and shoot directly into Lightroom. 

How would you rate the ease of use in setting it all up?  

It was pretty easy, I didn’t have to read any directions, but I also am pretty familiar with watched folders and how they work.  I would say someone can watch my video on YouTube and be up and shooting in under 5 minutes. 

How would you say the GH5 performed while shooting tethered, would you tether with it again?

Since I switched to Lumix I have been craving to tether again – this solution is amazing! With my current setup, it is populating images into Lightroom within 4 seconds.  I have heard of others with newer computers even getting faster speeds! Yes, I will now be tethered for all my studio and commercial shoots.

What’s your favorite feature or part of the Lumix Tether software?

That it seamlessly integrates with my current workflow, I can use it if I want or ignore it and just push those images into Lightroom.

Would you recommend fellow GH5 camera owners shoot tethered? 

Yes! I find I shoot fewer images and get to my end result much more quickly when I shoot tethered.  There is a huge 65″ LCD Monitor that I can see hair, makeup and lighting errors and get them fixed immediately, instead of chasing it around in post-processing.

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