3 Tips for Keeping Your Photography Studio Organized

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Chaos in the studio leads to time wasted, frustration, and an unsafe work environment. Keep your studio organized with these tips!

Organizing Seamless Paper and Diffusion Rolls

JerkStopper ProTab Cable Ties aren’t just for keeping cables untangled and well maintained. The large ProTab cable ties are perfect for wrapping around seamless paper and diffusion rolls to keep them from unraveling.




Rob Grimm from RGG Photo has a great technique for organizing and storing seamless paper and Rosco diffusion rolls in a safe, and out of the way place using L-brackets, screw eyes, and dowels. Check out how he sets it up in the video below.


Creating a Studio Stand Rack 

This solution comes to us from Robbie Sokolowsky, owner of the Tribeca Journal Studio who build a C-stand rack by mounting Rock Solid Hex J Hooks directly into wooden planks on the wall. By storing the stands horizontally this allows for safe keeping, easy viewing, and quick access.

Photo Courtesy of Robbie Sokolowsky, owner of the Tribeca Journal Studio


Keeping USB and Power Cables Tidy

A quality tethering cable is an investment and proper care and storage will help you get the most life out of it.  Inside your USB cable are sensitive wires and shielding designed for fast transmission speed and noise-reduction.  Although fairly durable, if folded, bent or pinched you could experience communication errors.  Plus, there is nothing worse than showing up on set with a bag full of cables, ends damaged and a tangle mess. So, keep everything organized with a Tether Tools Cable Organization Case.


When you’re in the studio working, you need power for lights, computer equipment, etc., so having power available is a must. But having a power strip laying around on the floor is a trip hazard and could lead to damaged equipment either from the pulling of cords or people stepping on plugs and connections. If you want to mount a power strip or surge protector to round or flat surfaces such as carts, tables, strands, tripod legs and the Aero PowerMount is an innovative solution.


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2 thoughts on “3 Tips for Keeping Your Photography Studio Organized”

  1. Soldiering c stands makes them immediately accessible. Especially useful for people who work in their studios a lot vs. those who think of ideas for keeping them cleaner. And yes, you’re right, those concepts are not mutually exclusive. But when it comes to having other methods for tidying c stands, I can’t help but question the rationale. After all, the things are in part so successful because of their native stackable design. 30 stands can line up together taking up no more than 8 square feet of floor space and no extra hardware or hooks. Try that with a wall.

  2. I’m not saying creative people shouldn’t have no destructive forms of procrastination. Most of us waste a lot of time prettying spaces to deal with our work anxieties and internal clutter. And photographers have it even worse–they’re usually highly visual people who also happen to have very linear science-focused aspects to their brains. That’s serious grounds for OCD tendencies.

    I’m just saying, skip the s c stand and move onto other ways to comfort yourself. The soldiered century stand has been used for 100 years (tee hee hee) by every major movie and studio made. Why fight it?

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