Shooting Tethered with the Case Air from a Remote, Hanging Camera

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In this video from photographers Daniel Norton and Seth Miranda, they created stunning, studio quality portraits with model Natalie Scarlett using a remote, hanging camera tethered wirelessly to an iPad using the Case Air.

Daniel and Seth took to the stairwell/chimney of Daniel’s studio, in a precarious place where a tripod or studio stand simply wouldn’t work as the area couldn’t be blocked and there was no room.

In the below video the camera is mounted in a place where a photographer could not possibly stand without being in the shot, and because it is tethered wirelessly using the Case Air Daniel and Seth are able to use LiveView to see an image preview and move the model into the ideal position, as well as adjust camera settings on the fly such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.


“The Case Air made us more aware of our own environment instead of being stuck inside our camera. So, we were actually participating as well as observing. We got shots that we wouldn’t have gotten any other way.” – Seth Miranda


Necessary Hardware:

The camera is secured to a Rock Solid Camera Platform and attached to a Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm, and the arm is mounted to a hanging pipe above using the Rock Solid Master Clamp.

The camera is being operated, controlled, and tethered wirelessly to an iPad using the Case Air Wireless Tethering System.

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