Portraits of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with Tether Tools for Canada Day

Posted by: on Jul 1, 2017

For Canada’s 150th birthday, photographer Jessica Deeks had the pleasure of photographing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for Maclean’s Magazine.

Here’s more from Jessica below, for the full write-up detailing the experience visit her blog at: http://jessicadeeks.blogspot.ca.


We had only half of his office to use since there was a video crew setting up on the other side, and we were also scheduled to shoot in the same time block as the interview! Being tethered was a must in a high-stakes situation like this, where we are only given 4-5 minutes with the Prime Minister and I was shooting at a very shallow depth of field. My assistant would check focus, give me the green light, and I’d stay locked in to a particular composition to shoot off a number of frames. Then we would take a look at the monitor, assess, change posing, and re-focus before commencing shooting again. We would not have been able to do this shooting to card, and I would never want to when using such a wide aperture on a Nikon D800 sensor!



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