Increase Revenue in Your Photography Business with a Photo Booth

Posted by: on May 30, 2017

It’s rare to go to a wedding these days that doesn’t have a photo booth. And for good reason, photo booths are fun. Photo booths provide a healthy dose of fun and excitement at any event, and are often at the top of the bride’s list of what they want at their wedding.

As a photographer, don’t allow this additional revenue opportunity to go to the DJ or a rental house. You can increase your overall wedding package price by offering a simple photo booth setup as an upsell.

Photo booth operators can quickly create a slideshow to show the guests their photos, print on-site for wedding favors, or drive guests to a website to view the images – which is a great way to generate leads for future business.

Plus, when you’re not in wedding season the photo booth business can be an entirely separate entity driving bookings for events. It’s an easy way to make some extra cash at parties and corporate events. And may become lead generation that you can then upsell your other photo services in to.

When selecting a photo booth be sure to consider these attributes:

Hardware – There are a lot of options out there, and if you’re just starting your photo booth venture and don’t want to spend a ton of money, we recommend picking up a Tether Tools Rock Solid PhotoBooth Kit. The kits leverages gear you already have such as an extra camera body or stand, and allows you to quickly create a portable, easy to set-up and inexpensive photo booth.

SoftwareDarkroom Booth Software is a good option. The folks at Darkroom just launched version 3, and it provides photographers the power to add new output options, connect users to social media in real time, and provides you with all the tools to effectively manage your photo booth.

Souvenir – Photo booths give guests the opportunity not only to have fun, but to also have a party favour to take with them to remember the wedding at the end of the night. Some photographers give guests a printout of the photo booth picture, while others simply have the photos available digitally on their website or on social media for wedding guest to check out.

Don’t miss out on additional revenue opportunities and a potential lead generation mechanism. Invest in a photo booth and help give the happy couple the wedding of their dreams.

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