How I Got The Shot Educational Guide – Version 2

Posted by: on May 10, 2017

Tether Tools and PhotoShelter are proud to present the How I Got the Shot Educational Series which showcases twelve incredibly talented professional photographers whose work widely varies and includes fashion, commercial, light-painting, headshot, portrait, and automotive photography. Each educational article features a different image, behind-the-scenes video, as well as a detailed breakdown of how the shot was made.

Photographer Eric Paré paints with light, Brooke Mason makes a splash, John David Pittman shoots a Hemingway portrait, Jeremy Cowart creates a custom LED light rig, plus 8 more unique profiles. You’ll learn how to collaborate with others on set, connect with a subject in a unique way, and most importantly, walk away with tons of inspiration for your next project.

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We hope that you’re able to take something from this How I Got the Shot Educational Series, be it a tip or technique, that will help you become a more well-rounded photographer. Now that you’ve got some inspiration, it’s time to get to work!

A special thank you to these ten photographers for pulling back the curtain on their latest shoot!

  • Easton Chang – Abandoned Warehouse with a Mercedes-Benz
  • Jeremy Cowart – Plays with Light
  • Kira Derryberry – Vintage Prom Dress Gets a New Look
  • Glyn Dewis – WW2 Child Evacuee at Train Station
  • Evan Guttman – Creating Beautiful Shots in NYC
  • Jordan Green – Fashion Ecommerce Imagery
  • Maurice Jager – Promotional Headshot for Client
  • Brooke Mason – Makes a Splash
  • Eric Paré– Lights Up the Desert with Tubes
  • John David Pittman – In-Studio Portrait Shot
  • Zach Sutton – Elegant Shoot in LA
  • Brandon Tigrett – On Location at Mountainside Fitness
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