Get to Know: Aero Utility Tray with Arm

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Aero Utility Tray with Arm features an all-metal construction and a Lifetime Warranty

As a photographer, you have lots of gear. Often on set or on location, that gear is scattered about, but as you probably know an unorganized set is an inefficient set. If you’re looking for a secure platform to keep your camera on between shots while shooting tethered or to keep battery backs off the ground or a flat surface for lenses, it’s time to meet the  Aero Utility Tray.

Use an existing clamp to mount to any available C-Stand, light stand or tripod. Don’t have a clamp? Combine with Tether Tools Master Clamp for a secure connection.

The Utility Tray measures 11.5 inches by 8 inches (29cm x 20cm), is made from lightweight aerospace aluminum, includes the patented LAJO-4 ProBracket for integrated mounting on any 1/4″-20 tripod head, 3/8″ tripod mount, 5/8″ stud studio stand or Arca style mounting attachment.

The included, all-metal mounting arm is 7″(17.8cm) long and includes a Dual Baby Stud on both ends. The Aero Utility Tray integrates with the Rock Solid Master Clamp (sold separately) or any clamp with a 5/8″(16mm) receptor.

Attach the Master Clamp to any light stand or tripod center column to keep the Utility Tray level and secure. The Utility Tray can support external laptop batteries to power a computer during extended shoots. It can also support servers, Bluetooth speakers, battery packs, Mac Pro, an external mouse, hard drives, light meters, phones, key and any other essential tools you can dream of that fit and are 35lbs (16kg) or less in weight.

Worried your items may roll off or slip? The Aero Utility Tray has two raised edges to prevent items from sliding off.

Made in the U.S.A., the Tether Tools Aero Utility Tray includes the Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty.

Tether Tools Pro Stefan Jönsson has one of the most beautiful tethered shooting workstations we’ve seen, and uses the Aero Utility Tray to hold his camera (as shown), shot notes, a light meter, and much more. Read about his full setup here.

Aero Utility Tray with Arm Specifications
  • Maximum load – 35lbs (16kg)
  • Utility Tray measures – 11.5” x 8” (29cm x 20cm)
  • Weight – 2lbs 8oz (1.1kg)
  • Mini Arm length- 7”(17.8cm)
  • All aluminum construction
  • Non-reflective black finish
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty

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One thought on “Get to Know: Aero Utility Tray with Arm”

  1. I am interesting in utilizing you Rock Sold Master Side Arm as starting point to hold either a 9.5″ or 12″ iPad Pro by either an office chair or sofa. Can you suggest the least of your gear that I can utilize to achieve this goal. The center of the support tray would have to be adjustable: 16″ to 25″ from the support stand which appears to be on wheels. The tray height would have to be adjustable form 25″to 29″ from the floor.

    Even better do you have tray that is inclinable for iPad Support that could be used with this support arm. Please advise which of you systems would best serve this need.

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