Nikon Pro Brad Olson Puts the Case Air to the Test on a Fashion Shoot

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Phoenix, Arizona based photographer Brad Olson approaches photography with a fascination for light, a keen eye for beauty and a quirky sense of humor. Specializing in fashion, editorial and commercial photography, Brad brings his experiences from video production, graphic design and music to create a visual style that is uniquely his own. Brad is a PhotoVogue Artist, a Nikon Pro and is represented by the FORD / Robert Black Agency. His images are represented by Art + Commerce.

How would you describe your style of photography?

I would describe my style of photography as a simple and timeless representation of my view of beauty.  Most of my work has an intersection with fashion and I try to have a bit of a story in the images.

How does the Case Air Wireless Tethering System fit in your workflow?

The Case Air Wireless Tethering System has already become an important part of my workflow.  I often shoot on location and need to be able to move freely and change from one area to another.   The Case Air provides the important benefits of tethering, but in a much less restrictive and portable way.  Both the Case Air and a 10″ tablet fit easily in my camera bag.

I use the AeroTab Universal Tablet Mount and a light stand to provide a simple, mobile viewing option for my clients.  Having a larger monitor while shooting allows me to critique and adjust my composition and exposure in the moment and make necessary adjustments while that is still possible.

Would you recommend the Case Air to fellow photographers?

I do recommend the Case Air to photographers that want a simple solution for viewing and sharing photos on location, or photographers that want a full function remote control for their camera.  The Case Air will also allow you to adjust your camera settings, view and capture photos from your phone, tablet or computer.  This has wide applications for a range of photographers.

Case Air Wireless Tethering System


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15 thoughts on “Nikon Pro Brad Olson Puts the Case Air to the Test on a Fashion Shoot”

  1. Hi Jim, your off camera flash or trigger can stay in the hot shoe. The Case Air comes with a quick release lanyard to have the Case Air hang off the side of the camera.

  2. Hi Anthony, the great wired vs. wireless debate is all about personal preference. There’s pros and cons for both.

  3. How fast do the images upload into the computer/tablet if let’s say I am shooting with the biggest raw file possible?

  4. Can the system be used with capture one to shoot raw to a laptop and how fast would the files transfer say from a Nikon d810?

  5. Wish this fashion shoot review would have shown off camera flash being used. For some reason, all the reviews and videos I’ve seen about the Case Air show using it with available light only.

  6. Hi Ana, the Case Air uses WiFi to send files and RAW images are large – it works, but it’s not lightning fast and takes a few seconds.

  7. hi
    i have nikon d500
    when i take video shot i can’t change any function (shuter speed,aputure,iso) only i can use the focus in the cam with live preview and when i make record.
    i need to know what i do cause i buy it to control my nikon d500 when i take video record

  8. @Jad,

    The video functions on the Case Air are limited to only starting and stopping the video recording and setting focus before recording.

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