Portrait Photography: Creating and Styling your Environment with John Keatley

Posted by: on Mar 15, 2017

Produce, Light And Create Your Vision

Establishing your creative voice and finding new areas of inspiration are essential for a career in photography. Editorial, Commercial and Fine Artist John Keatley is known for his conceptual portraits that reflect his individual style. In this unique class, John will break down how to conceptualize, produce, style, light and fine tune your ideas into reality. He will lead you through the creation of an environmental portrait series, showing you how to make a vision come to life with any budget.

He will teach:
  • Where to find inspiration and how to use it to create your vision
  • How to research and create desired environments for set design or location scouting
  • How to cast for your portrait and direct subjects on set
  • Essentials for building a team of support around your project
  • Lighting techniques and styles for making the background and subject work together
  • Creative ways to build your vision, regardless of budgetary limitations

Being able create photos with an identifiable style can ultimately set you apart in a sea of portfolios. Finding that voice requires the flexibility to exercise your creativity. John Keatley will show you how to technically create and make your vision come to life.

About John Keatley
John Keatley often self-characterizes his work as a reflection of himself, rather than the individual he is photographing. In recent years, his journey of self-discovery has brought clarity to emotions that have always been present yet were previously unknown. Anxiety. Fear. Isolation. Not Being In Control. Keatley capitalizes on the correlation between these emotions and humor. It is a fine line, sitting in the pain of the emotion and understanding that pain can also be humorous. Yet John beautifully executes this dichotomy in his work, as the viewer is invited to stay a moment longer and ponder the unexpected.


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