Photographer Jessica Deeks on Location with the Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls

Posted by: on Mar 8, 2017

Bio: Based in Ottawa, Jessica Deeks is a commercial and editorial photographer specializing in portraits for advertising, magazines, and corporate clients. Follow her on Instagram at @jessicadeeks or online at

I came up with this personal series when I stumbled on the Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls Facebook page one night. It seemed like such an awesome camp that I totally would’ve went to at that age. I had been thinking about doing a personal series for a while and when I found their page I immediately envisioned these bad ass girls on a gritty background in black and white. I realized I knew a couple of the people involved and after receiving a very excited yes to my idea, I started planning the details.

I shoot tethered for all of my commercial and editorial work so there was no question that I would be for this personal shoot as well. I find it a necessity for checking focus, seeing all the variations I’ve shot, correcting any issues on set, and applying a quick treatment in Capture One. It was great to show the girls how amazing they looked and that really helped keep their already confident attitudes high! 

As far as gear, I shot with Profoto lights and one of their Deep Umbrella’s, plus a Lastolite scrim with a Photek Softlighter firing through it. I also used a Nikon D800 and 24-70 lens. The candid images from the camp (posted on my site) were shot with my D800 and the 35mm and 50mm Sigma Art lenses, with a Nikon 70-200mm for the performance night. I also used Think Tank rollers for all the gear. 

To check out the whole project visit 

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