Using a Pocket Wizard and Case Air Simultaneously While Shooting

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One of the most common questions we hear at tradeshows or events about the Case Air Wireless Tethering System is, “How can I mount my Case Air, especially if I’m using a Pocket Wizard.”

There are quite a few options for securing your Case Air to either the camera or yourself during a photo shoot. The device is small and lightweight, but it does need to be kept secure and out of the way.

If the hot shoe is unavailable, there are two popular options for mounting the Case Air. The first is with the quick release lanyard included with the Case Air. This lanyard is a great option if you need to use the hot shoe mount for a strobe trigger or on camera flash. Since the Case Air is so light, it will comfortably hang without affecting the balance or positioning of the camera.

Another option is with an Accessory Extension Bar. If you have a situation where you also require your wireless radio trigger to be near your camera, look into the option of the RapidMount Accessory Extension Bar from Tether Tools. This bar can mount multiple pieces to the top of the camera while still having a secure placement of the Case Air near your camera.

If you do opt for the Accessory Extension Bar, you’ll need to visit Pocket Wizard’s Cable Finder page here:

Simply enter in the manufacturer and model of your flash, and the page will provide you with the sync cable you’ll need.


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