Securing a Power Strip or Surge Protector with the Aero PowerMount

Posted by: on Feb 7, 2017

In today’s tech oriented set life, having power available is a must. But having a power strip laying around on the floor is a trip hazard and could lead to damaged equipment either from the pulling of cords or people stepping on plugs and connections.

If you want to mount a power strip or surge protector to round or flat surfaces such as carts, tables, strands, tripod legs and more take a look at a new, innovative product from Tether Tools, the Aero PowerMount.

The Aero PowerMount allows you to mount your surge protector on your tripod, C stand, or light stand. It consists of an adjustable bracket and a male baby stud connector.

To attach the Aero PowerMount to your surge protector first turn your search protector over and look for small mounting holes. These holes will be used with the provided screws to attach to the bracket.

Once you determine where the mounting holes are adjust the bracket to best fit these locations. Loosen the screws and slide them into the mounting holes on the surge protector and re-tighten.

To connect the Aero PowerMount to your light stand, C stand, or tripod use a Master Clamp and connect the male baby stud into the master clamps female connector. You can use any master clamp with a female baby stud receptor.

Here’s what you’ll need to mount a power strip or surge protector:

Aero PowerMount

Rock Solid Master Clamp




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