Case Air Software Updates to Version 3.1

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Tether Tools has released an update to Case Remote, the companion app for the Case Air Wireless Tethering System, version 3.1 for platforms including iOS, Mac OS, Android, and Windows.

What’s New in Version 3.1 as of January 17, 2017:

  • Added better support for dual memory card cameras
  • Added “Ignore RAW Thumbnails” in settings to prevent RAW previews from showing in thumbnail view
  • Changed HDR settings to allow up to 20 photos
  • Bug Fixes

Since launching Case Air late last year Tether Tools has thoroughly solicited feedback and has worked hard to continually improve the user experience of Case Air. Here’s how to update the Case Remote app for each platform:

iPad and iPhone

  • Go to the the App Store app on your iOS device
  • Tap on Updates in the lower right corner
  • Under Pending Updates, look for Case Remote and tap Update to the right or simply tap Update All in the upper right corner


  • Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device
  • Tap Menu and then My apps & games
  • Look for Case Remote and tap the Update button

Mac OS

  • Open the App Store program on your Mac
  • Click Updates in the upper bar in the app
  • Under Pending Updates, click Update next to Case Remote


  • Download the latest version here *Note latest version is 3.0.0004*
  • Extract the Zip file to your computer
  • Double click on the setup application in the extracted folder
  • Follow the on screen prompts

Unsure if you’ve already upgraded to the latest version of the Case Remote app? Here’s how to determine your version number. 

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31 thoughts on “Case Air Software Updates to Version 3.1”

  1. Hi Ron, thank you for your interest. We’re diligently working on adding Sony and Fuji support but no timetable yet. Currently just works with Nikon and Canon.

  2. Hi Keith, I may be misunderstanding your question. The Case Air creates its own ad-hoc wifi network that connects to one unique device.

  3. Hi Kristian, there is a built-in histogram but no further updates planning as far as specifically for exposure.

  4. Is there a way for my clients to select their favorite shot in the the app. Like if I am doing headshots can I place my iPad in front of them and take multiple shots then let the client “star” “color code” or “pick or delete” their favorite 1 from the 4 or 5?

  5. “Added “Ignore RAW Thumbnails” in settings to prevent RAW previews from showing in thumbnail view”

    I’m using firmware version 2.410 and the new 3.1 app update. I am shooting a Nikon D5 RAW + JPEG Fine and have the new “Ignore RAW Thumbnails” option enabled, but I still get the RAW and JPEG thumbnails in my album. I also tried turning off the option and still get the same result.

    What am I doing incorrectly?

  6. @James,

    Currently there isn’t a way to do what you’re describing. We are looking at adding a client mode and maybe we could include this feature into that.

  7. I have the Case Air running on a Mac with the 3.1 software and the latest firmware on the Case Air device.

    When the files are auto transferred they are prefixed with a long number and comma, is this part possible to remove or configure?

    As an example my files in the camera are BW7D0001.JPG, yet in the folder on the mac that is renamed to 1485454163,BW7D0001.JPG

    I’m guessing that you do this to avoid duplicated file names, but would be nice to be able to configure it with a date/time. So my file could be named 1701BW7D0001.JPG with the year and month as a prefix.

    Is there a plan to be able to set up the unit so that if the camera is set to RAW + JPEG, only the JPEG is transferred to the computer? There’s not a lot of fun waiting for 20MB+ RAW files to transfer.

  8. Hi everyone,

    I tried to run it on Win10 but does not work. Nothing happend when I execute de software. Maybe it´s necessary connect the camera before?

    Thank you in advance.

  9. Hi Brian, sorry for the delay in getting back to you here. There’s currently no way to rename the files, I’ll pass that suggestion along to our engineers for review. On the second point, we do have plans to only send JPEG when shooting RAW + JPEG or just RAW and hope to see that in our next software release.

  10. Loving the Case Air! One of the things I wished it was capable of is to set a filter for what to wirelessly transmit. In other words when I am shooting Raw+Jpg I would like to only transmit the Jpg instead of the raw and jpg so that i can view the larger image quicker. Ill follow my normal import routine with the Raw files after the shoot.

  11. I’ve just received my case remote.
    I’m really disappointed with this gear and the software.
    Many troubles to connect the case air with my phone and tablet, but finally it works, not really happy with the soft, some functionalities (really important for me, like the electronic level) are missing… but it works.
    On the other hand, impossible to connect my camera with the software on my iMac. The case air is correctly detected and logged to the wifi, but the software don’t “see” my camera.
    The software version is not the last, but impossible to update, the app store do not allowed me to update.
    I have been waiting for three months this gear, and now I really regret my purchase.

  12. Sony’s remote “play memories” wireless system is so woefully bad – PLEASE hurry and make Case compatible for the Sony A7R etc : )

  13. I have a few issues. 1. On a Asus Zenpad 8 running Android 7.0 and a 5D Mark iii. Exposure simulation is running. There is no tab to turn on Histogram and live view does not update when you change shutter speed. 2. On Ipad Mini the tab for histogram is there but still will not update live view when shutter speed changed. Canon 5D Mark iii running firmware version 1.3.4
    Please advise, Thanks

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