Using the Case Air Wireless Tethering System with Capture One

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A frequently asked questions we get is…How can I use the Case Air with Capture One? The answer is hot folders. This will work on Mac computers and Windows computers.

Once setup, after each photo is taken using the Case Air and Case Remote application, the image will automatically import and show in Capture One.

To set it up, it’s a simple two step process.

  1. Set the download location in the Case Remote application. In both Mac and Windows this is in the settings option. For specific instructions read the Mac version here or the Windows version here. Make sure that you have set Auto Download to on in the settings.
  2. In Capture One, set up your hot folder.

A couple things to note:

  1. This only works with the desktop versions of Case Remote and Capture One. It does not work with on iOS (iPhone or iPad) or on Android. Capture One Mobile doesn’t support watched folders or auto importing.
  2. You must have both applications open at the same time. The Case Remote application will transfer the file and Capture One will import it.
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7 thoughts on “Using the Case Air Wireless Tethering System with Capture One”

  1. The auto download is not working.
    I have to manually select the picture and than download it to the folder.
    Version 2.410

  2. Has anyone tried shooting raw files from a Nikon D810, Canon 5D, MK IV or 1DX MKII into a hot folder into Capture One 10. I’m interested in knowing how fast the files transfer compared to a tether cable.

  3. Lube, RAW files are transferred painfully slow. Unless you are working on something you don’t need to hurry – e.g. any type of still life – it is not very usable. If you can wait 20-30 seconds – you can. Option for all other cases – Small low quality JPEGs.

  4. I’ve used both Case Air and the Tethering cable. Case Air only seems like a useful tool for quick previews to see if you are getting the image wanted in camera. Most photographers like the tethering with cable which gives them a quick backup of the images and provides the preview as well as on-location editing of the raw files in a timely manner. If your only concern is getting it right in camera, then Case Air is the way to go. Anything else use the Cable. I use the RAW+Med Jpeg settings and it all seems to work pretty well depending on what I’m doing.

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