Power Up Your Case Air with the Power Split Cable

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As a photographer, you’re busy. Meeting with clients, shooting, editing, marketing yourself, and finding a couple hours here and there to eat and sleep. From your camera and iPad to your phone and Case Air Wireless Tethering System, you have lots of devices to charge, and from time to time you may forget to power them up (insert gasp here).

Shooting tethered leads to both collaboration and a better, more creative end-product. You’re on a portrait shoot, camera connected to your iPad with the Case Air. Everything is going well, and you’re checking your focus and composition until you see the Case Air battery turn red.

What now? A perfect companion to the Case Air, the Case Air Power Split Cable which lets you recharge and power the Case Air while simultaneously using it for shooting. That’s right – never stop shooting, stay connected, and powered up.

The Case Air Power Split Cable features a male USB-A plug that can be used with any standard external USB battery pack or USB wall power adapter. Perfect for those long wireless shoots or charging Case Air on the fly without shutting down your wireless tethered session.

The Case Air has a solid battery life, clocked between 6 to 8 hours. But, long shoots and not remembering to charge your Case Air the night before will happen. Be prepared with the Case Air Power Split Cable, now available at www.TetherTools.com.

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One thought on “Power Up Your Case Air with the Power Split Cable”

  1. Power split cable is far to expensive to ship to UK. $19.00 product ends up being $70.1 shipping by UPS. Is there any other way I can purchase this cable at a much more reasonable cost.

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