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Posted by: on Oct 25, 2016

stefBio: Born and raised on the lush but remote Swedish island of Gotland, Tether Tools Pro Stefan Jönsson got a late start in photography. After relocating to Stockholm he educated himself in what started out as a hobby but remarkably fast turned into a profession. Scene and fashion photography developed into a fascination for the details and creativity of product photography and Stefan had found his career. In only a couple of years his creativity and natural handling of light, reflection and color has won him a wide selection of reputable clients – Major Swedish brands such as Make Up Store and Sportamore have both chosen to put their products in his capable hands. His modus operandi is that of pragmatism; stratigically placed and maneuverable lighting, utilized to get multiple exposures that can later be layered in editing – all to guarantee the perfect picture.


Photo Courtesy of Stefan Jönsson

What was the concept of The Humble Brush campaign?

The background for the campaign was to make an image that Humble Brush could use to promote their products at fairs and use it one their package. The concept was that their product is made of bamboo, so its very nature friendly and 100% degradable. The guidelines we had from the client was that they wanted soil, and bamboo in the picture, other than that I had no restrictions.

What setup and lighting did you use to get the shot?

I most have used every light in my studio, and every light had a unique purpose, so there was no “3 light setup” or something similar because there was so much that needed to be individually lit. I rarely use a standard setup, and I lit mostly every single light for that individual shoot with grids.

As an example, I had one strobe with a bare flash tube, placed against green background paper with holes drilled to create the flair effect then added some smoke from a smoke machine. Most of the other lights were added to light one of the sides of the bamboo with a yellow gel, and another light used a blue gel to give a more cooler effect.

How did shooting tethered help you achieve the shot you wanted?

The shoot wouldn’t be possible without shooting tethered, because with so much going on there is no way to keep track of what you are doing. It would have been impossible to monitor what each individual light was doing with the small LCD screen on the camera. That’s why I always shoot tethered.

To see Stefan Jönsson’s full tethered setup, click the link below.

Tether Tools Pro Stefan Jönsson’s Tethered Shooting Setup

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