Elevate Your Drone Experience with the New Aero LaunchPad

Posted by: on Jun 8, 2016


Drone operators, get out of the dirt! Introducing the all-new Aero LaunchPad from Tether Tools, a versatile solution to help get drone operators off the ground and into a more comfortable, and safe lift off position.

The Tether Table Aero Launch Pad provides drone enthusiasts with a stable portable platform, perfect for ensuring clean takeoffs and the ideal workspace for conducting your pre-flight checklist or adjustments on the go. The Tether Table Aero Launch Pad is lightweight, sleek in design, and unsurpassed in stability and durability. It attaches easily to virtually any tripod, is made completely of T6 Aerospace aluminum and comes with a protective black carrying case.

The sturdy work table gets you off the ground, and in a relaxed position to check your flight battery, propellers, antenna, and camera. On takeoff it gives you peace of mind that dirt and grass won’t be sucked through the motor bearings, protects your rotors from hitting grass and pebbles, and keeps your camera lens clean, ensuring a crystal clear video.

A Versatile Workstation

When not using with your drone, the Aero LaunchPad can be used as a stable, portable desk. The Tether Table Aero was designed to meet the needs of not just photographers, but all creative individuals looking for a secure workstation or laptop table for a tripod and tethering solution. It’s sleek in design and unsurpassed in stability and durability.

Works with all Aero Accessories

The Aero LaunchPad is compatible with the entire line of Aero Table Accessories. Add Aero Hooks to hang items off the side of the table, an Aero Cup Holder to keep your beverage close by, or an Aero Utility Tray for added space for batteries, props and other items.

Learn more and purchase your Aero LaunchPad now at TetherTools.com!

Aero LaunchPad

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