Tether Table Aero for the iMac Stands the Test of Time

Posted by: on May 19, 2016

Our first product, the Tether Table Aero for the iMac has a long, rich history. Crafted out of a need for photographers to have a professional, secure workstation when shooting out in the field or in studio, the Aero for the iMac provides a stable portable tethering platform. Made of brushed aluminum, our Tether Tables have an exceptional build quality and we stand behind it with our Lifetime Warranty.

Aero for the iMac

We recently had the pleasure of having a customer bring in one of the first ever tether tables ever crafted in to our Phoenix office. The table was in great shape, but the local photographer, Tether Tools Pro Jeff Noble, needed a screw tightened on the SecureGrip Stability Bar that goes across the top of the platform of the iMac.

Since launching Tether Tools and the product nearly 10 years ago, we’ve constantly upgraded our products material and design. The Tether Table Aero for the iMac is no difference, as we’ve added high-grade, non-slip padding to the new Aero for the iMac tables, something the original did not have. Instead of making a small repair to his table, we made a swap – keeping the classic Aero for the iMac table as a souvenir of how far Tether Tools and our craftsmanship has come. A big thank you to all of our long-time, loyal customers and to Jeff Noble for sharing these wonderful in-use pictures of the original Tether Table Aero for the iMac.

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