Get to Know: JerkStopper Extension Lock

Posted by: on Mar 16, 2016


The JerkStopper Extension Lock protects cable ends and stops unwanted disconnections and is a must-own for anyone who uses a USB Active Extension Cables, HDMI cables with couplers, or power cords in-studio or on location.


Keep Your Cables Connected and Protected

The simple clam-shell design enables you to simply close the JerkStopper Extension Lock around each end of the cable or cord, and then twist to lock the cords securely and safely together. The effective locking device keeps your cable ends protected from frustrating disconnects, damage, and electrical hazards.


Remove Stress and Weather-Proof Your Connection

The JerkStopper Extension Lock comes with two included rubber washers that further protect your cable ends, removing the stress and strain when pulled, ensuring the cable stays connected.

On an outdoor tethered photoshoot? The JerkStopper Extension Lock is weather proof (not submergible) and the hard plastic protective casing can protect cables from the dust, dirt, and physical damage.


Product Specifications:

  • Protect cables from disconnects
  • Protect from getting crushed
  • Weather proof – not submergible
  • Screw locking mechanism to accommodate various lengths.
  • Accommodates cables and cord from 3.5″ (8.9cm) to 5.3″(13.5cm)
  • Black foam sealer for electrical cables
  • Two rubber washers for spacing and weather sealing

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