Phoenix: Make Lighting Your First Language with Paul Markow

Posted by: on Feb 25, 2016

Lighting is one of the cornerstones of photography. Knowledge of how to use and modify light is essential in creating images with impact and emotion. In these two days of instruction, you’ll gain an understanding of both natural and studio lighting at one of the premier studios in the Southwest. Each student will be able to put this knowledge to use during the class by photographing a model.

Gain fluency in lighting terminology and command of lighting techniques that you’ll learn in this seminar presented by Paul Markow, one of the Southwest’s leading advertising and commercial photographers in the image-making marketplace today.

We’ll also explore the creative process and techniques for coming up with creative solutions. This will be a fun and informative seminar for everyone wanting to improve their photographic skills.

This class is designed for photographers who have a good working knowledge of their cameras and photography. Participants should be able to quickly change their camera settings from aperture to shutter, and/or shoot in manual. Understanding ISO and exposure compensation is an essential element of this workshop. Participants will leave this two day workshop with valuable insight for shooting models in a variety of lighting scenarios, both in the studio and on locations.


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