Become a Better Photographer in 2016

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“Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings so that you shall come easily by what others have labored hard for.” – Socrates

TT GuideEducation is no longer thought of as a preparation for adult life, but instead as a continuing process of growth and development from birth until death. In 2016, it’s time to sharpen your skills!

Tether Tools and the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) have come together to create The Ultimate Photo Tethering Guide out of a share commitment to providing the creative community with the most valuable and useful resources that support the practice of still and motion photography.

Completely FREE to download, this guide details the benefits of tethering as well as the best gear and software to use to maximize your results.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed when shooting tethered the Ultimate Tethering Guide will make things easy. With 8 chapters covering everything photographers should consider when setting up your tethering workflow, the guide includes detailed instruction on:


Photo Courtesy of Gordon Clark
Photo Courtesy of Gordon Clark
  • Which tethering solutions are appropriate for your needs
  • What hardware you need to set up a secure tethering system
  • Which software supports different tethering set ups
  • How to back up your tethered captures on the fly
  • Best practices for wired and wireless tethering
  • Tethering with DSLRs and medium format backs
  • Streamlining your archival tethered workflow

The Ultimate Photo Tethering Guide from Tether Tools and ASMP is perfect for those who’ve never tried tethering and experienced tethered photographers looking to streamline their workflows.

Ready to take your photography to the next level in 2016? The Ultimate Photo Tethering Guide is available as a FREE download to the public at

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