Kayell Australia – The Brisbane Portfolio Builder Studio Flash Workshop

Posted by: on Dec 30, 2015

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to not only shoot amazing models but also learn from some of the industry’s best.

Get to shoot a variety of both male and female models in five exciting studio sets, and if weather permits an outdoor set showing how big flash can be used outdoors. This portfolio builder studio flash workshop is designed for all levels of photography, from beginners to seasonal professionals who are looking to shoot models and learn under some creative direction without the huge expense of hiring agency models, organising complicated shoots, hair an make-up, purchasing or hiring lighting, and finding a studio space and building sets.

It’s more than just a day where you get to shoot models! 


At Kayell Australia we know the value of education and we wanted this portfolio builder workshop to include education from some of Australia’s most talented. With that in mind we have contacted Christian Blanchard one of our most up and coming fashion photographers to be our keynote speaker. Christian will show us some of his shooting techniques in a live fashion shoot that we will thether to a large screen for your entertainment. Additional to his shoot Christian will present to us on how he has grown to become one of the most sort after fashion photographers in this country.

As we all know shooting the image is only part of the job, so we have also engaged a professional retoucher in each state who will end the day with a presentation on how to breathe new life into fashion, hair and beauty images.

PRICE: Early Bird Rate $175, Full Rate $199

More details and schedule »

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