All the Gear You Need for Santa Photography

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There may be no photography more difficult than that of Santa photography at a mall, holiday party, or Santa’s Village. Everyone loves the jolly man when he’s coming down our chimney dropping off presents, but getting children to sit on his lap, still, and smiling? Not to mention pleasing shopping-frenzied parents hoping for that perfect holiday card picture!

The whole thing is incredibly difficult. Below you’ll find three pieces of gear that will make Santa photography a little easier, and leave you feeling full of holiday cheer.

Set Up a Laptop Workstation to Make the Shoot Efficient with a Pro Tethering Kit


Make sure you can quickly see the images, ensure you got the shot and be able to show mom or dad the images for quick approval by setting up a laptop workstation. Using Tethering software allows you to see whether Santa has fallen asleep (or is drinking on the job again – à la Bad Santa) or the child is looking the wrong direction.  The software can also be used to apply presets, add a holiday frame and quickly process the image for printing on site.

Look Here Kid! Get and Keep a Child’s Attention with the Look Lock


Place a smartphone in the Look Lock, put your favorite Christmas cartoons on loop, and you’ll capture and keep the child’s gaze just long enough to take the perfect holiday card picture.

The Look Lock is a camera-mountable universal smartphone holder with an articulating arm for mounting small devices (like a smartphone) above your lens or camera body. The Look Lock’s spring-loaded SmartClip can hold any device up to 3”(76mm) wide and non-skid pads protect your device while holding it firmly in place.

Simple to install, the Look Lock quickly positions directly into any hot shoe or on a RapidMount Accessory Extension Bar when multiple devices need to be secured.

Step and Repeat with Ease with the Tether Tools “Tether T” Set-Up

tetherTWant really happy children (and parents) while shooting Santa at the mall? Keep the line short! You’re going to be churning these kids through Santa’s Village, and it’ll be repetitive. Up on Santa’s lap, tell Santa what you want for Christmas, and smile for the camera – NEXT!

Ideal for step and repeat photo shoots, the Tether Tools “Tether T” set up allows for adjustments to your camera without the need to raise or lower your computer.

The “Tether T” mounts to a tripod leg’s 3/8″ screw and allows the computer to remain at a constant height as adjustments are made to the camera’s horizontal plane. Your line will flow smoothly as you simply adjust the vertical bar to the appropriate levels as subjects enter and exit the frame.

If you have a horde of kids ready to meet Santa, share their wishlist, and take a picture to remember the memory, you’ll need the right gear to get the job done! Visit to shop now.

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