New RapidMount SLX Will Change the Way You Use a Speedlight

Posted by: on Nov 3, 2015 | 5 Comments

Less Gear, More Options – Lighting Will Never Be the Same Again

SLXNo one likes light stands. They’re bulky, are serious trip hazards, and can be a pain to setup and keep out of a shot. If you’re ready to pack light and leave the light stands at home on your next shoot, look no further than the RapidMount SLX.

New from Tether Tools, the RapidMount SLX is a multi-surface speedlight holder that allows mounting off-camera flashes to a wall and other surfaces using the included specially-formulated, pressure-activated RapidMount adhesive strips.

If you have a flat, vertical surface, you have a place to mount your speedlight. The SLX mounts directly to any smooth, lightly textured or painted surface such as drywall, veneer, glass, mirror, laminate, fiberglass, metal, tile, porcelain and marble using the included specially-formulated, pressure-activated RapidStrips, which remove without damage, or leaving any residue.

slxx2Here are a few creative uses we’d recommend for the RapidMount SLX:

  • Discreetly mount a SLX to a wall at a wedding or event, where stands are an eyesore.
  • Mount your speedlight in areas where light stands simply won’t fit such as a hallway or tight room.
  • On a travel or location shoot? The SLX is perfect for mounting lights where conditions are uncertain and discreet lighting is optimal.

This innovative product open up a world of possibilities for photographers to mount lights unobtrusively, all while carrying significantly less gear. To learn more about the RapidMount product line from Tether Tools visit



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5 thoughts on “New RapidMount SLX Will Change the Way You Use a Speedlight”

  1. If I have a pocketwizard flex to trigger and control my flashes will it fit within the RapidMount SLX as well? Or does the speedlight sit within the cradle and the trigger sit underneath?

  2. Hi Rashad – The Flex is designed to sit below the cradle but if you wanted to go above, inside the cradle, you could position it that way. The included adjustable strap will keep all of the items secure inside the cradle.

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