New RapidMount System Lights Up Wedding Venue

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Do you ever feel anxious heading into a wedding reception about the lighting situation? If so, you’re not alone! Whether you’re shooting an event or reception, the rooms are dimly lit and lighting is a hassle.

When you walk into any reception, you need to quickly assess the situation, and make a decision on HOW you are going to light it, and then set up your gear. It can be fast-paced at that moment, and there is no greater photography fear than walking into a reception hall and not being sure if you can capture the moments the way you envision them.

With the help of the all-new, revolutionary RapidMount system from Tether Tools you can mount a lot of lights and gear without the use of stands, which means you won’t clutter up the space, worry about trip hazards or haul in lots of extra gear.


Gear Mounted in the Wedding Venue

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6 thoughts on “New RapidMount System Lights Up Wedding Venue”

  1. I do not see any information that shows me how the flashes are triggered. I don’t see anything that shows where a pocket wizzard or any other type of trigger mechanism is to be connected. Will it hold the speed light as well as a Pocket Wizard TT5 or will it onlyhold a Pocket Wizard X3 or are you expecting us to use infra red triggers. If the Latter, not all flashes will trigger if not in direct line of sight of camera.

  2. Len,
    We designed the RapidMount SLX to work with either a pocket wizard connected via the sync port or a different trigger mounted to the hot shoe of the flash. The arms allow you to use the pocket wizard strap to hang the pocket wizard and the space below the arms was put in to allow for triggers.

    As for the rest of the RapidMount line, you can easily hang a pocket wizard using the provided strap. We’ll do a follow up post with photos and descriptions.

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