Photographer Spotlight: Gordon Clark

Posted by: on Sep 30, 2015

gordonGordon Clark is a professional headshot and portrait photographer based in Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada. His work can be found at

I would describe my style of photography as…

The line on my website says Portrait and Headshot Photographer. As for my style, I would have to say that I have a couple of “go to” looks. My Standard Headshot look is more commercial. By this, I mean clean and well-lit. I really love doing these types of Headshots. My other look, would be Creative Portraits. I consider this my “time to play” look, which usually tends to be much darker and edgier.

How did you get started with tethered photography?

Two words, Peter Hurley….Yes, I am an Associate Photographer with the Headshot Crew. Peter is a great Mentor and he is huge on the importance of shooting tethered. Being able to show clients what’s going on during a session is a critical part of the coaching process.

My dream gig would be…

Wow that’s a tough one! Strictly business speaking? I would have to say, getting a gig to do Headshots for a large multinational corporation.

For fun? This probably sounds cheesy, but a portrait session with one of my favorite musicians or celebrities. Someone interesting? Off the top of my head, if I’m just throwing out names, maybe David Bowie or Neil Young.

My favorite piece of gear is…

Hmm, every piece of gear is so valuable? Obviously camera equipment, such as bodies and lenses are important, but probably taken for granted. Since we are on the topic of shooting tethered, I would have to say that one little item that has saved me from plenty of grief is the JerkStopper. I used to shoot tethered without it and was constantly pulling the USB cable out of my camera during a shoot. Ya, not cool!

The best advice I can offer a fellow photographer would be…

Shoot as much as possible and never be afraid to explore and try different things in the studio! Some of my favorite shots have come at the end of a shoot, when I was confident I got the shots that I needed, then would throw in some “just for fun” stuff.

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