Phase One’s Capture Pilot for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch and Supported Cameras

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Capture One Pro from PhaseOne is a state-of-the-art imaging software that is the preferred tethered capture program for many professional photographers. The professional RAW converter offers incredible image quality with accurate colors and incredible detail.

Capture Pilot from PhaseOne

Capture Pilot is an extension of Capture One Pro that provides photographers several unique, advanced features from triggering a capture remotely to browsing, rating, and examining images remotely as their shot via an iOS device.

This professional photography app from Phase One that allows you to use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to remotely view, zoom, rate, tag, and pan high resolution images during a shoot. With the ‘Camera Control’ in-app purchase you can use a stylish, virtual camera display on your iOS device to remotely fire your camera and control the most significant capture parameters.

Integrated with the Tether Tools Wallee Connect or AeroTab Universal Tablet System, Capture Pilot is perfect for working with clients in the studio and allows for an amazing collaboration between photographer and client. It is possible for clients to rate and tag images on an iOS device while having full control over zooming, panning, and reviewing of images.

Setting Up Capture Pilot

  1. Open Capture Pilot at the bottom of the Capture Tool Tab in Capture One Pro.
  2. Add a Server Name and choose a Folder from the drop down menu that you want to appear on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.
  3. Type in the password if applicable.
  4. Now open the Capture Pilot app on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.
  5. Select your named Server from the Server List.

For more details regarding setting up Capture Pilot visit the app page.

Camera Control

With the Capture Pilot Camera Control feature you can operate your camera in a variety of setups that would have been difficult or impossible before. Work with your subjects in new ways, control the camera when it is located in a difficult to access position, or even be part of the photo yourself.

For a complete list of cameras supported by the latest Capture One version, go to

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2 thoughts on “Phase One’s Capture Pilot for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch and Supported Cameras”

  1. This program kicks Lightrooms butt when it comes to tethering. It is really fast to display photos where LR is slow. That said, it DOES NOT work with DNG files nor color profiles if you use an X-rite Passport. THAT SAID (pt2) it was designed to work with the big-ass files that come off the PhaseONE which is night and day compared to DSLRs. I use it with my DSLR when I need to see photos quickly. I really need to dive into its editing features which I haven’t had time to do yet.

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