3 Ways to Mount a GoPro to a DSLR Camera

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We hear the question all the time…how do I attach my GoPro to my DSLR?

Getting a meta-view behind the scenes video of your next photo shoot is easy with Tether Tools! Here are 3 ways you can mount a GoPro to your DSLR camera body using a few pieces of gear.

Option 1: Rock Solid Tripod Mount for GoPro HeroRock Solid Hot Shoe 1/4”-20 Adapter



This is the easiest, most straight-forward option. Using the Rock Solid Tripod Mount for GoPro Hero and a Rock Solid Hot Shoe Adapter you can mount your GoPro to the hot shoe on your camera body. If you’re looking for a quick way to get HD footage of a shoot, this is the way to go.

Option 2: Rock Solid Accessory Extension Bar 8″Rock Solid Tripod Mount for GoPro HeroRock Solid Hot Shoe 1/4”-20 Adapter
Photo Courtesy of Rich Harrington

If you use your hot shoe for flash triggers or other accessories, but want to keep things fast and simple, you’ll want to add a Rock Solid Accessory Extension Bar into the mix. Adding the all-aluminum casted Accessory Extension Bar to your camera allows you to add additional accessories like a GoPro, speedlight, or flash trigger.

Option 3: Tether Tools Look Lock SystemRock Solid Tripod Mount for GoPro Hero
Photo Courtesy of Rich Harrington

If you’re worried about the GoPro catching your DSLR lens in the shot check out the Tether Tools Look Lock. The Look Lock is a camera-mountable universal smartphone holder with an articulating arm for mounting small devices above your lens or camera body. The Look Lock’s spring-loaded SmartClip can hold any device up to 3”(76mm) wide. Non-skid pads on each interior side of the clip protect your device while holding it firmly in place. You can also remove the Look Lock’s smart clip and screw in the GoPro Tripod Mount adapter, locking your GoPro in place.

It’s time to bring your camera and GoPro together to create something special. From behind the scenes video to time lapse video, the possibilities are endless when you mount your GoPro to your DSLR camera!


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