Affordable Photo Booth Setup for Weddings and Events

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vu-booth-add-ons-full-setupIf you’re a wedding and event photographer looking for an added source of income (or just like to have some fun), providing a streamlined photo booth for your clients is a great way to do it.

Not sure where to get started? Tether Tools makes it easy with our Studio Vu-2 Photo Booth!

You provide the gear and we’ll provide all the mounts needed to bring everything together to create a cost-effective, easily portable photo booth! Use stuff you already have, and Tether Tools will put it all together – couldn’t be easier.

Designed with the on-the-go photographer in mind, the Studio Vu-2 Photo Booth serves many photo display needs, travels easily, and will not break the bank, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Camera
  • HDTV or Monitor
  • C-Stand or Tripod with Ballhead
  • Laptop with Photo Booth Software
  • Lighting (optional)
  • Sandbag in order to secure the weight of the photo booth
  • USB Cable
  • HDMI Cable

What’s included in the Studio Vu-2 Photo Booth:

Bring your gear, we’ll put it all together and you’re good to go; ready to shoot and share images with guests. Get more details about the Vu Photo Booth at

Larry Becker from KelbyOne interviews Josh from Tether Tools about our Vu Photo Booth Kit in the video below:

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4 thoughts on “Affordable Photo Booth Setup for Weddings and Events”

  1. Very interested in making this purchase. But one quick question. For the monitor part. Can I get a touch screen one because I want the guests to be able to operate it themselves without me being there. Then I can use a laptop on the other side on my end. That’s possible correct?

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