Capture One 8.3 Includes Support for Canon 5Ds and Canon 5Ds R

Posted by: on Jul 29, 2015

Capture One
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If you’ve been waiting to shoot tethered directly into Capture One with your new Canon 5Ds or Canon 5Ds R, the wait is over. We’ve received word that Capture One Pro 8.3 properly supports Canon 5Ds and Canon 5Ds R — connect your camera, open up Capture One, and start shooting!

Other features in this release:

  • New high performance tethering engine (Mac)
  • Modernized Capture tool
  • Camera settings tool*
  • IQ style grid modes

*Functionality is defined by back firmware, or the DSLR camera attached

New high perofmance tethering engine (Mac)

“…the Capture Core has been significantly tweaked which should allow for more stability, less hangs, better recovery of dropped connections, and faster overall performance (from shot to rendered sharp.”

For a complete list of all the new features and bug fixes available in the update, check out the Capture One Pro 8.3 Release Notes.

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