Protect Your Webcam from Prying Eyes

Posted by: on May 8, 2015
Tether Tools CamShield Webcam Cover
Tether Tools CamShield Webcam Cover

There are many many reports of hackers, law enforcement agencies, and all-around bad people spying on people via their webcams. With laptops, tablets and phones coming with built in front-facing cameras, it can be tough to opt-out of even owning a webcam. 

With this in mind, Tether Tools has come up with a foolproof way for you to protect yourself from unwanted spying. Simply cover up the camera with the re-stickable microfiber cloth called the CamShield

The CamShield is a Camera Privacy Shield that covers webcams on laptops, tablets and phones to render your device’s camera inaccessible to voyeurs and hackers when you’re not using your webcam.  It will not interfere with a laptop closing, smart covers or cases so there is no need to remove from the device. When you need to use it, simply remove the CamShield, stick it on the screen next to the camera and then replace it over the camera when you’re finished. Peel, Stick, Peel, Re-Stick.

To see how easy it is, check out this video:

As an additional benefit, since the CamShield is a microfiber cleaning cloth, you can turn it over and use the non-sticky side to clean your camera when you do want to have that video chat.

You can get a 10 pack of CamShields or one is included in the TetherCling Cleaner & Security Kit and the LensCling Cleaner Kit.

CamShield on an iPad
CamShield on an iPad

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