Podcast: Professional Photography Tips for Parents (and the Secret Power of Masterminds) with David Molnar

Posted by: on Apr 24, 2015

david-molnar-headshot Photographer David Molnar joined KC Procter, host of the Dad Life Rules podcast, to discuss how to help parents make great photos of their kids.

Here are some of the questions they cover (Listen Now):

  • Why are you so passionate about encouraging parents to up their photography game?
  • What common photography elements does everyone ignore?
  • How can parents take better photos of their kids?
  • What do you think of “take” vs “make” photos?
  • Why do people try photography and quit so quickly?
  • How are you improving your craft as a professional photographer?
  • Are there any kinds of photography you’d like to explore?

Take a listen and don’t forget to check out David’s workshop at Dury’s in Nashville: Why Workflow Matters in Commercial & Advertising Photography with David Molnar.

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